Charitable Projects

Charitable Projects

This page is for charitable projects of Lifebushido.
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Lifebushido creates business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures. As part of our social entrepreneurial efforts, we help with some charitable efforts.


Lifebushido and Best Agent Business is sponsoring a child in Bangladesh and Mali via Save the Children. Steve, when he was a teenager, sponsored a child for many years and would like to have children of Ishidos experience similar lessons about charity and people around the world.
Save the Children:

View this Video and Info to see info on Azizul in Bangladesh and Maminata in Mali.
Annual 2013 Save the Children update info-video:
You may want to share with your children. See photos below.


Dear Ishidos,
Lifebushido is sponsoring a child through Save the Children. His name is Azizul Ali and he is 9 years old. He lives with his father, mother, brother, and sister in a small home with a tin roof in Bangladesh. He is friendly and loves to read.

external image AzizulinBangladesh.jpg=

This sponsorship will show him that people outside of his community will care for him, and the money Lifebushido pays will ensure that he gets his vaccinations (polio is still an issue where he lives), vitamin A supplements, and regular de-worming (a necessity where he lives).

If your family wants to get involved, feel free to write him and send him pictures. Send mail to:
Save the Children
Bangladesh Country Office
House #1A(2), Road #91
Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh
(Postage for a standard envelope is 91 cents.)
In addition, you and your children might want to look at these links in order to learn more about Bangladesh (Azizul lives in Radhakantapur):

My kids and I have written to Azizul, and are eagerly anticipating his reply. Feel free to join in! And thank you, Steve, for so generously doing this.


Maminata in Mali



Our friend in Balgladesh, Azizul, is doing well. He sent us a sweet picture:


If anyone else has corresponded with Azizul, please let me know. We sent him holiday greetings and just sent off a spring-themed card as well. My children have been enjoying our Bangladesh studies. While we have received less correspondence from Azizul than originally hoped, it still feels good to know that a little boy on the other side of the world can experience the excitement of gettng mail from us, just as my children experience excited from snail mail here at home. And it is especially heartwarming to know that the health and education of one child is improved due to the genrosity of Lifebushido.

Hopefully, we will have more Azizul news to share soon. Thanks, Steve, for making this possible!


Other Lifebushido Charitable Efforts

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Lifebushido donated $1,000 for breast cancer research in honor of the strength of Ishidos who are survivors and in memory of friends/family of Ishidos who passed away.

October 16, 2008
Mr. Steve Kantor
4835 Cordell Ave., Suite 1105, Bethesda, MD 20814
Dear Mr. Kantor,
Thank you so much for your contribution of $1,000.00 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Your support is hard at work bringing us closer to our goal of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. You will be credited with five frequent flyer miles for each dollar of your contribution. Please note that the receipt of miles may reduce the tax deductibility of your donation. Consult your tax advisor and see below for details.
With nearly $1 billion invested to date, Susan G. Komen for the Cure has become the world’s single largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to curing breast cancer at every stage from the causes to the cures, to the pain and anxiety of every moment in between. In fact, since we started in 1982, practically every advance in the fight against breast cancer has been touched in some way by a Komen grant.
Working with friends like you, along with survivors and activists in 125 U.S. cities and around the world, Susan G. Komen for the Cure serves the breast health needs of millions, and has helped save countless lives.

Again, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your generous donation and your commitment to our promise to bring an end to this devastating disease. The success of Komen for the Cure is made possible through the considerate support received from corporations, organizations, survivors, advocates and individuals like you. Because of your help, we are one step closer to creating a world without breast cancer.

Hala Moddelmog Signature

Hala Moddelmog
Chief Executive Officer

Relay for Life

Promote your involvement through Facebook]]. Update your status on Facebook and tell everyone you are helping create a world with more birthdays by making a donation to Relay For Life!Thank you again for your donation we are truly grateful for your generous support.

Your American Cancer Society

Relay For Life

====== FEED MY FRIENDS! ======Ishido - Sebrina Maae

img_9439.jpg ========== Two of my children have started a campaign at their school to feed students that cannot afford their own school lunches. There are often times at school ========== when students don't have any money for lunch. Our school offers a piece of fruit, but my children thought that was unfair. They said “Mommy, we are taught ========== that we should treat each equally so we think we all should be able to eat a hot meal equally too.” I was so proud & of course stood by them as they follow ========== their dreams to help others. ========== ========== It is a big deal in our community as three years ago my daughter (in second grade at the time) started a recycling program at her school all on her own & was ========== featured in the news. Their school is 'Holmes Elementary School' - Lakewood, CA. ========== =========== I have also set up a website for donations. Here is that link: I am very proud of them & am doing everything I can to help them out. Please donate just $1 to help! We thank you tremendously for your support! img_7365.jpg ===== |

**BUSHIDO - Ishidos Helping 1000 Project - BUSHIDO 1000 Triangle**

Our Heart

Raining Hope, Incorporated exists to raise and distribute funds in order to provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education for children & families in need in Uganda and around the world.

About fifteen years ago, a woman from America felt the Lord calling her to Uganda to help the many orphaned and suffering children. After about a year, she started an orphanage with a native Ugandan man.

A team from a local church in Ojai, California traveled to Uganda in 2005 & January 2007. On the team’s second trip, some of the children had run away from the orphanage. They reported harsh conditions & mistreatment. Upon returning home to the United States, God placed it on the heart of one of the team members to help. We began to support the children who had escaped. In 2007, Living Home Children’s Home was established in Uganda to care for these rescued children. Psalms Ten Incorporated was formed to address all issues concerning the well-being of these children.

As a ministry, we went through a time of transition in 2009. With a renewed vision we re-launched our ministry with the current name, “Raining Hope Incorporated” and “Raining Hope Children’s Home.”

Because there is no free education in Uganda, Raining Hope wants to provide children with the opportunity to attend school. These are bright, young children. They all have the desire to further their education. The only thing they lack are the resources needed for that education. This will give them a hope for the future to be able to provide sustainable income for themselves & their families.


RAINING HOPE “HOPERAISER”! Saturday, April 12, 2014
Dove Christian Ministries241 Hill Street - Oxnard, CA 93033
Please help us get the word out to come & join us this Saturday.
I have attached the 2013 Thank you letter we sent to all of our donors at the beginning of the year. It gives more detail about the new direction our ministry is taking this year. Not all of our children are orphaned. Some still have guardians. The desire to provide an education for their children causes many to sacrifice having their children at home. We want to keep the families intact yet still provide the education.
So by 2015, Raining Hope wants to shift in having children who have families stay in their own homes. We would still provide school fees. We can effectively reach more children this way. (more info in attached letter)
I discovered in January that our land does not currently have any source of electricity. It is also farther away from where our children will be going to school. We are still moving forward with our land for the use of crops. We desire to purchase more land in the area we currently live. This way we can house the ones who are orphaned plus our staff. Since Pastor Gerald will have to do more traveling to visit the children in their homes, he needs to be closer to town.
When we set up this fundraiser for April 12th, the goal was to raise funds for our building fund & to purchase new land. However, there are immediate needs that need to be taken care of first.
Please pray with us:

  1. Amount: $2,000. We are behind on the rent in the current house. The landlord’s daughter is HIV positive. Our rent helps them pay for the medical costs. This amount is to help catch up on rent and fix things around the house.
  2. Amount: $2,400 for 6 months worth of rent in another house. (Through December) This would be $200 less per month. We may have to move out of the current house once we pay the balance we owe. It is becoming increasingly hard to stay in private homes running children’s ministries. Pastor Gerald has found another home for us to move in until we build our house.
  3. Amount: $1200 (approximate) for 2nd term school fees.
  4. Amount: $1,000 for food and medical supplies, etc.
  5. Amount: $400 to cover the final payment of the van. ($8,000 was already donated to purchase the van).


  1. $9,000 - Purchase plot of land near Bukaya to build home/office.
  2. $16,000 - Purchase a larger plot of land in the same area.

PRAYER REQUEST: A very dear friend of ours has made a request for assistance. He has a friend that has a baby born with spina bifida. He needs an operation to help him pee normally and pass stool. The operation will cost close to $3,000. Please pray for this family as they try to raise the money for their son.

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