Getting Started

Purpose of This Page

The purpose of this page is to assist you in getting started with the Lifbushido Wiki. Looking for something else?

If you are looking for general Ishido-related (an Ishido is someone working for Lifebushido), go to Ishido. If you want more general information, see the main page. To go back to the main page, click the Lifebushido graphic in the upper left area of the page.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is similar to a Wikipedia page; it's created as a shared effort by a group of people.

Joining the Lifebushido Wiki

If you are an Ishido, click on the Join this Space link to register so you can add to or/and edit the Wiki. Before you can join this Wiki, you must have a Wikispaces account. Set that up first.

When you request to join the Wiki, make sure to state that you are a New Hire and list the date you were hired (Example: New Hire - Hired 07/02/12). This email goes to New Hire Team Leader and generally takes one to two business days to reply with your approval or denial. If you're denied, it's probably because you need to fix your name. If you don't get a reply in two days, email and request an update.

Note: Email names and user names for Wiki MUST be a combination of your first and last name. Ex: JohnSmith or JaneDoe123. It cannot be first initial and last name or vice versa. This makes it easier to verify who is editing pages and identifies you as an Ishido. If you do not follow this protocol you will be rejected from joining the wiki until you have a correct name. Do not request to join this space unless you have been hired by Lifebushido and you are an Ishido. Other requests will be declined.

Using the Search Feature

To search for something, you can use the box in the left column. At the top will be pages with your search in title, which should get you started. You can view recent changes to see pages that were changed recently and by whom the changes were made. The Wiki autosaves changes, so it often looks like there were many changes at once.

Editing a Wiki

You do not need to ask permission to add/edit the wiki. Improve it in any way possible. If you're worried about making an editing mistake, you can use WikiSpaces to create a free test Wiki and play around with it. If you're unable to edit the Wiki, and it says locked, that means you do not have permission to join the Wiki. Once you receive the email stating you have been approved to join the Wiki, come back to the Wiki you wish to edit, and you should see the Edit option in the upper right area of the page.

Additional Resources

There is a Help option in the upper right-hand area that explains various editing options. You can also click here to get started on editing Wiki pages.

If you get stuck, email

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