This is the information page for Ishidos - people working with Lifebushido.

Lifebushido Internal Wiki

CORE Ishido Pages

  • Ishido - Newsletter - Monthly Newsletter sent to all active Ishidos with weekly updates/policy changes / big picture company vision
  • Ishido - Roles- overview of higher level roles at LB for promotions and current needs
  • Payroll- Tracking your time in goal actions and getting paid


  • Ishido - Delegation - Discover how to use delegation to propel yourself, your Team and Lifebushido's vision to a whole new level
  • Leader - Find out if you have what it takes to be a Leader with Lifebushido
  • Overview of Teams - General description of our main Teams, what they do and how they function within Lifebushido

Reaching Ishido (100+ hours)

  • Newshido - Steps to go from 10-100 hours over 3-6 months to become an Ishido
  • Personal Leave - How to take time off from Lifebushido or handle personal emergencies


  • Ishido Love Languages - Create strong, successful relationships in both professional and personal areas of your life by discovering which language(s) motivate you.
  • Ishido - Perfect Job - Resources to help discover your Perfect Job and how to hone in on your Unique Talents to obtain this goal.
  • Ishido - Saying No - a page on people who have trouble saying no (people pleasers) and thoughts on coping

Social Media/Marketing


  • Ishido - Babyshidos - page for Ishidos to brag about their baby(ies) born during time working with Lifebushido!
  • Ishido - Meetings - Meetings of Ishidos around the world - life is not just virtual
  • Ishido - Newsletter - Learn what is going on within LB and who is being spotlighted this month
  • Ishido - Web Pages - create your own free website about yourself to get to know each other better

Lifebushido Cares

  • I Am Grateful For!- What are you grateful for? Here is a page we share with random attitudes of gratitude
  • Ishidos - Autism - information and brainstorming on the various types of this disability
  • Ishido - Share More Love - Ways Ishidos share more love in their life. What do you consider your random acts of kindness?


  • Ishido - Jedishido - another level for Ishidos who are drivers with intrapreneurial passion and skills
  • Ishido - Steve Translator - How to translate what Steve emails or says or mails to you via postal service or carrier pigeon.


  • Get a simple grocery listto customize to make your life easier!
  • Ishido Training Emails-
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