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This page is for the Lifebushido Monthly Theme which is for Ishidos and Clients for both Lifebushido Vision and for Best Agent Business for real estate agents.
Version: 1/2/15 by Steve

Lifebushido has a Monthly Theme as part of our business rhythm to have all Ishidos and Clients with same focus every single month. The Lifebushido theme relates to our Lifebushido Vision and personal growth which applies to anyone in the world, recruits, Ishidos, small business entrepreneurs and real estate agents. In effect, the Lifebushido theme is content which helps anyone touched by Lifebushido. The Best Agent Business theme is for real estate agents whether they are potential clients, leads, or clients of Best Agent Business. The Best Agent Business theme also helps to educate Ishidos in more detail about our services and concepts. Our goal is to share Lifebushido Vision, close more sales, help clients, and help Ishidos and Clients learn.

Steve selects monthly themes and is resource. Toshua in Client Services if Monthly Theme Leader and all other Ishidos report to Toshua for this role: Sasanna-Marketing, Cynthia-Sales, Amber-Clients and any other Ishidos involved.

Monthly Cycle

  • Finalize Monthly Theme all content and DB focus by 20th of month prior.
  • Emails sent on Wed or Thu morning between 6-9am ET. So 1st Wed/Thu of month.
  • Week 1: Emails to Recruits, Ishidos and Leads, Clients. Mailing mailed on 1st.
  • Week 2: Calls to selected Leads, Clients.
  • Week 3: Gather testimonials and examples from people participating
  • Week 4: Ask for referrals and connect to Leads/Clients who were on the fence. Debrief on metrics and lessons learned to improve next month.


  • Chunks: Ishidos, Sales, Clients
  • Wiki page - one wiki page hosting all pages on LB, BAB and other wikis for related content.
  • Required
  • Wiki page on LB or BAB wiki depending on theme. This is main page
  • Email short - also on wiki page as intro. This is the concept, offer, and link
  • Email reply - 2nd email sent with more details and PDF if they reply with interest
  • PDF - 1 page nice looking PDF which is linked to wiki page and sent with Email Reply.
  • Videos: Steve short, David Lazear possibly short, Others
  • Postcard: Jumbo postcard of offer by Sasanna for ExpressCopy
  • SOC: SendOutCard greeting card by Sasanna/Sebrina.
  • JE: JournalEngine course in some cases. Short 3 day or 10 day with assessment.
  • Plan: There may be detailed plan
  • Book: There may be ebook or book.
  • Survey: Online survey or JE assessment
  • Voiceshot: Test voice broadcast from Steve

Monthly Theme - Email Templates
Email Short - Sample - Template
Business Plan 2015 - January Best Agent Business Theme for Our Clients
Your Goals for 2015 - January Lifebushido Theme for Recruits of Lifebushido

We are excited to share with you our monthly theme for MONTH!

LINKS - always 3:

  • Details at XXXX - this is short wiki page, always prints on one page max.
  • Examples at XXX (if we have testimonials or examples - this is longer page or pages
  • See video 1-2 minutes at XXX

Pass along to friends by just forwarding this email and please CC me if you do.
Reply All to Steve and myself if you want to participate or have questions.

Lifebushido Monthly Themes

  • Jan: Life Plans Goals - Goalbushido
  • Feb: Perfect Job - Focus Unique Talent
  • Mar: Triangles

  • Apr: Time Management Challenge
  • May: Social Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Jun: Delegate Everything Else

  • Jul: Anything is Possible - Bushido
  • Aug: Focus Unique Talent - tuning
  • Sep: Learning

  • Oct: ??
  • Nov: Gratitude
  • Dec: Happiness

Best Agent Business
We will organize Monthly Theme in chunks by

  • Systems: Systems 2, Marketing 2, Accounting 2
  • Leads: Clients 2, Seller Leads 2, Buyer Leads 2

  • Jan: Systems - Accounting - Business Plan
  • Feb: Marketing - Seller
  • Mar: Listing Management

  • Apr: Stop Wasting Leads - Sellers
  • May: Buyer Business
  • Jun: Stop Wasting Leads - Buyers

  • Jul: Systems - Accounting - BDA Profit Review
  • Aug: Systems - Closing Management
  • Sep: Marketing - Wish List Growth Planning

  • Oct: Client Events - Thanksgiving - Holiday
  • Nov: Calling - Client Marketing
  • Dec: Systems: Lead Management - Cleanup All DB

Version 1/14/15
Purpose ====== Table of Contents ====== #x--1st Week of the

==== 1st Week of the month: ==== Emails will be sent to up to 2000 prospective, former and current clients. Email templates will be available by the 1st of the month on the following wiki Monthly Theme - Email Templates . Emails will be sent as follows:
Revive - Best Agent Business Clients * Email 400-500 revive clients * Client list * Emails are to be sent Tuesday through Friday 8am to 11am * cc * Client Box -Best Agent Business Clients * Email 100-150 clients * Client List * Emails are to be sent Tuesday through Friday 8am to 11am * Sales - Best Agent Business Clients * Email 50-100 Leads * Lead List * cc * Send Toshua Serrato confirmation email once list is complete * Sales Box - Best Agent Business Clients**

* Email 500-1000 leads
* Lead list
* 1 hour daily Monday through Friday until list is complete
* cc
* Send Toshua Serrato confirmation email once list is complete

2nd Week of the month

3rd Week of the month

4th week of the month

Projected monthly Themes

  • January
  • BAB - Systems - Accounting - Business Plan
  • LB - Life Plans Goals - Goalbushido
  • February
  • BAB - Marketing - Seller
  • LB -Perfect Job - Focus Unique Talent
  • March
  • BAB -Seller Business
  • LB -Triangles
  • April
  • BAB - Systems - Closing Management
  • LB - Time Management Challenge
  • May
  • BAB -Buyer Business
  • LB -Social Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • June
  • BAB -Stop Wasting Leads - Sellers
  • LB -Delegate Everything Else
  • July
  • BAB -Systems - Accounting - BDA Profit Review
  • LB -Anything is Possible - Bushido
  • August
  • BAB -Stop Wasting Leads - Buyers
  • LB -Focus Unique Talent - tuning
  • September
  • BAB -Marketing - Wish List Growth Planning
  • LB -Learning
  • October
  • BAB -Calling - Client Marketing
  • LB -??
  • November
  • BAB -Client Events - Thanksgiving - Holiday
  • LB -Gratitude
  • December
  • BAB -Systems: Lead Management - Cleanup All DB
  • LB - Happiness
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