Lifebushido Ethnography

Lifebushido Ethnography

This page is for anthropology stuff.
Version: 6/6/12 by Steve.

Written by Caroline Collins when she was a Recruit. Email her for feedback at Caroline also did a Lifebushido New Hire Ethnography after her first month at Lifebushido.

Feedback from Ishidos
Please share with everyone your thoughts, feelings, comments after reading essay below. Please put your name and comments and then your favorite sentence from the essay.

  • Name, comments, favorite sentence:

Cynthia Hall - Comments
My favorite sentence is about ishidos - “They hadn’t changed, but had become more of themselves – in their own words, stronger, better versions of themselves.”
Perhaps we should send this as the first email to people considering working with Lifebushido - an outline of the challenges and difference to expect in the application process and a wonderful insight into what Lifebushido is really all about - a community of people striving to be the very best version of themselves and exemplars of that goal in business, their own lives and their communities.
Joanne Engel - Comments - Great job, Carolyn! I'm still “learning the language”. My favorite sentence was:“ One got the sense that one was seeking __
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