Payroll - Monthly Ishido Audit

Payroll - Monthly Ishido Audit

This page is for monthly audit of Ishido work submitted for payroll. Questions to
Version: 5/1/10


  • Lifebushido success is based on accurate and detailed time-billing records by Ishidos
  • Accounting performs a variety of monthly audit reviews
  • Ishidos are informed of any issues/problems

Sample File
This is a sample file of a few records: Payroll Audit - Sample File.xls

Accounting Steps

  • These are steps for audit by Accounting Ishidos. You will be sent around 6th of month the spreadsheet for audit and you should then refer to this page in case changes are made in system.
  • Spend up to 30 minutes doing audit. Bill time to Lifebushido, Accounting, and Monthly Ishido Audit as Details.
  • When complete, email spreadsheet results to which goes to Accounting TL and Steve. In your email, state how long you spent and suggestions to improve the process. State the names of any Ishidos that you suggest require more detailed review based on patterns.
  • You can sort and do pivot tables as much as you want and adjust column widths. You will likely decide to audit using various methods of scanning through file, sorting by various criteria, and producing various pivot tables.
  • Do not add or delete columns
  • Put any audit results into Audit Code column on right side.
  • All audit codes should be in CAPS like DUPE or HIGH

Audit Codes

  • Check for the following problems/questions and enter proper audit code.
  • If an entry has multiple problems, just put one audit code which seems to be the most significant
  • DUPE: There are two or more entries which look exactly the same or too close for comfort. Tag all of them as DUPE
  • Q-MISSING: The Quantity field is missing for a Work Type that should have a Quantity value
  • Q-LOW: The productivity based on Number per Hour appears to be very low for that Work Type based on comparing similar records.
  • HIGH: The number of hours for the task performed seems very high. Be on the lookout for bad data entry such as someone entering 5 instead of .5.
  • WORKTYPE: It appears it is a wrong work type that was entered for that type of work.
  • REVIEW: The entry raises some concerns and you suggest it is reviewed further
  • BILLABLE: You do not think this should be billable work per policy.

Audit Codes
In Goal Actions in Audit Accounting and Audit Ishidos

  • Billable - Not: The entry perhaps should not have been billed
    Duplicate: Mark both records if they look like duplicates
    High Hours: Number of hours seems high for this item
    Productivity Low: Productivity seems low
    Quantity Missing: Quantity field is required and missing
    Review Concerns: General gut concerns on item
    Work Type Wrong: Wrong work type used

Questions and Answers

  • Questions from Accounting - if you have a question about the process, add it below and then email to accounting
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