Payroll - Monthly Processing by Accounting

Payroll - Monthly Processing by Accounting

This page is for Steve's monthly steps to process Payroll.
Version: 12/5/13 by Steve

Payroll - Monthly Processing by AccountingClient System HoursAction Items – 12/5/13

  • Schedule hours, Create audit Role, Change GA dfault page, Weekly review hours, TL – Sample in work Types
  • Manager review hours, Work Type – qty required
  • Open –One-time cleanupAcct audit – top 3 concerns
  • Stop non-billable TL work
  • GA review – audit field, problem seen, comments iby IshidoDo not allow change of Paid entriesEveryone has a Paid role
  • Open to all – Audit Ishidos
  • Detail items -
  • Bill CSKA to clients, Exp FSBO need worktype, Weekly run payroll for high hours automated report, Automate email of high hours
  • Logins Tannu, Mgr audit if working tell us, Knowlegebase tags, Small items of .08 hours etc
  • Date completed rule – no entry on 1-5th., Clients – shut it down if client is liost
  • Hours too much – Ishidos limit to 100, Date completed problem of FUTURE dates
  • Do Payroll in 45 minutes goal – link to table for data entry, Research payroll and SHRM options
  • Do tl reports/access in 15 minutes, Reprots – group by TL
  • Payroll audit summary reports,Completed/paid,Part of work type by Ishido month dates,Clients by worktype months,Big hours date range by Ishido worktype client,Calling audit, Turn off older Ishidos –, Automate priority repiorts about X hourts.
  • Fields – Project and Team and Manager, Acct entryies weekly, Calling weekly, Calling qty,

Reporting Stuff

  • Monthly spread: get older mont gaps, decide on client count and MSR, bank balances paypal, banl, etc. cashflow
  • Hours per action for Ishidos – not too high, not too low, just right, Close out weekly, Summary by Manager/Person for issues.
  • Logins – decide how coded, Mass Pay – paypal reconcile of declines and 1099 issues, Name changes –, Tracking monthly –

Goal Actions – Fields

  • Status: Sample for TL for Work Types and New Hire
  • Status: Master Copy to make things easier to new records – also copy Sample
  • Work Type: Define more clearly and team proper usage. Work Type page – alpha by team with bullet of typical usage and Samples.
  • Date Completed: Rules: not blank, no super old, not future, entries on 1st and 2nd should be for last day (no entries for 1st/2nd, wait until payroll processed please)
  • Clients: Delete inactive clients
  • Ishidos: Report for total counts (not too many), hours/count (not too low or high)
  • Hours High: Make A coding automate email work – details, issue, qty
  • Document: Explain when and how it should be used
  • Weekly: Create report by Rows Ishidos: Date Completed Weekly Columns
  • Link Tables for Data Entry: Shaveta: Export Totals by Person to link to Ishidos DB joint report – give Shaveta access to create applications
  • Names: Handle name changes or 3 name names

Non-Revenue Lifebushido/REB

  • Split out Sales, Marketing, Client Services, Other (what is other), Audit against Schedule DB, run LB vs REB, Golden Egg. Sales 200, CS 150, Team 200., Budgets: Team kaizen 1-2%. Client Services is client count
  • what?, Budget: Sales –, Budget: Marketing –


  • Self-code if they want More, Same, Less work in a month, TL: Work type Team Kaizen and examples, Manager: Dashboard for manager, audit reports to review, notes and link to PayPal policy, Audit Detailed: Open audit – Insert Client as Left(Client field, 6) – paste values


  • Over usage: Analyze, audit reports to Accounting, KA, KA TL
  • Client DB: Billing dates, upgrade level, on Gretchen or Steve side of things.


  • Calling: Daily Log with Goal Actions with Schedule DB. Schedule DB starting point, add column for Date Modified/Added to add/drop and Inactive status.
  • Schedule DB: Blogging for example
  • Manager: Total hours by Manager and who is a Manager. No self-management

Payroll for Ishidos


  • Record start payroll time -4/5/13: 8:08am - stop 10am - 2 hours. too long, goal is 1 hour.

  • Ishidos
  • Email search for Payroll emails
  • Compensation $, Ishido Payroll Credits, Access QB, Globals
  • PayPal declines from prior month, Missing GA, A problems of GA
  • Clients
  • Credits, New clients bonus smart, Revenue YTD totals, Systems Credits - add a DB field for System Status and System Credits
  • Financials
  • PP Sales, PP Financials, Payroll total, QB review YTD and missing, Amex, Citi, BankAm, Amazon, Other
  • Misc Items
  • Process New Hire always with Payroll Email, USA/Global, Payroll Rate
  • Goal Actions – Declined/Deleted: Short for Status report - delete
  • Payroll - Completed
  • Pause Person-Ishido Payroll or Review. If need to change Completed to Accepted.
  • Completed: Log count of items and total hours and average
  • Document: Sort high to low and review and use or delete.
  • Date Completed: Change to first and last day of month. Sort by oldest to newest. Complete blanks and nothing less than 1st of month. Sort by newest to oldest. Search and replace for 1st-5th of month to 30th of prior month.
  • Rule: Date Completed not older than 30 days and not in Future.
  • Person: Payroll - Status by Person with Subtotals for Completed. Make sure no one with hours that should not be or too high. Note highest hours in question. Sort by hours.
  • Client: Goal Actions - Status group by Client with Subtotals. Review for old client codes or wrong client codes. Delete inactive clients from Goal Action picklist. Note LB and REB And Systems
  • Hours High: Payroll - Details above X hours and Dates: DO 20 hours then 10 hours. A = issue, B = subissue, C=calling, X = ok. Over 10 is 30% and over 5 is 50% usually. Complete Knowledgebase with A if issue, C for calling, X for other. Check first 20, 10.

  • Other: Verify counts again and change Status from Complete to Approved

Print summary report and data entry hours – 15 min – 7/6/2009

  • Payroll – Status by Person with Subtotals for Approved
  • Goal Actions – Status Group by Person with Subtotals: Approved.
  • Export report to Excel – Save file as Payroll Audit – Detailed Hours – give to MT and Turkshido to audit.
  • Paid: Other – Search and Replace of Approved to Paid

**Systems Calc for Clients**

* Client Work Hour: Summary by Client and Year and Client Work Hour: Summary by Client and Month. Export for Accounting. Identify Over/Slow client issues.
* Later after Systems

  • Data Entry: People Working with Lifebushido
  • Ishidos – Active – Payroll Report with All - Grid Edit
  • Transcribe hours into Payroll Hours of report
  • Confirm total hours at bottom to match total hours
  • Sort descending by payroll hours to verify names
  • Export to Excel for SAHM file and PayPal
  • Mass Pay – PayPal
  • Spreadsheet: SAHMS – 2010
  • Login PayPal
  • Update Starting PayPal balance
  • Paste Special Values into 2nd tab for Ishidos Payroll
  • Arrange Excel file of monthly payroll
  • Email to 1st field
  • Pay Amount to 2nd field – Format as Number with 2 decimals
  • USD copy down to 3rd field
  • Name Combo should be in 4th field
  • Delete columns to right
  • Sort by Column B in descending order
  • Cut-Delete Ishidos with 0 pay at bottom to new tab
  • Put subtotal at bottom, print page for files and erase total. Get rid of column headings
  • Format Columns AutoWidth
  • Erase prior month from SAHM file
  • Copy in monthly payroll to SAHM file
  • Double check subtotal of amount
  • Saving file from Excel:
  • Save file in SAHMS/Payroll directory as “Text (tab-delimited).” Ishido Payroll – Month Year Ishido Payroll – June 2007
  • Save as Text File - Sort filenames by date - Select most recent and update Month Year
  • Mass Pay:
  • Mass Pay in PayPal - Make a Mass Payment!
  • Attach File: Ishido Payroll – Month Year
  • Recipient Type: Email
  • Email subject: Lifebushido – Monthly Payment – add notes
  • End Payroll time: 2:22PM – 50 minutes 2/5/2009. record. Can get to 30 minutes with no data entry step.

  • Summary – Payroll hours by level and global – target increase global %%

This is to export and save payroll history detail to other file.
Future: Need to save/add to a single file and add username.

  • People Working with Lifebushido
  • Ishidos – Active – Payroll Report – 5:12PM – 130PM
  • Export to Excel
  • Data Sort by Payroll Amount Descending
  • Delete rows at bottom with Payroll Amount of $0.
  • Save to SAHMS\Payroll\Monthly Payroll 2008-01. The month refers to the work so 2008-01 is Jan 2008 work paid on 2/5/2008.

This is for exporting all Ishidos over 10 hours for Payroll Audit reports.
Audit Ishido: Mildred Lim

  • Report: Ishidos Active – Payroll Report with All
  • Sort by Payroll Hours=Descending
  • Review/update Team assignments
  • Export to Excel
  • Delete Ishidos with < 10 hours
  • Delete fields except for Team, Name, Email
  • Format columns as auto-width
  • Save As SAHMS/Payroll/Payroll Audit – Monthly Hours
  • Update wiki page with instructions

  • Note time start and finish
  • Confirm emails to Accounting for Client Month and Payroll Audit for monthly audit files
  • Note any new kaizen
  • Schedule target payroll kaizen for following days

Client System Hours

This is for processing Client System Hours monthly and importing.

  • Review Credits - recent credits - 60 days:
  • Process any Client Credits and email to clients.
  • Sort by service date and complete New for new clients. Review previous month New and change to Active with hours.
  • Review X cancelled to stop anything. Review Budget Hours for 5 hours or more.
  • Review Hour Backlog
  • Mass update-change hours to hours for month such as 4.6, 4.7 etc.
  • Export to Excel and take columns for Client name and hours.
  • Client - Steve Short Report for Revive Credit Hours -
  • Update end date of month
  • Copy and paste clients and hours
  • Save Excel 2007 - Import to Goal Actions - inform Accounting it is ready

  • Reports
  • Global by Level and Team
  • Excel
  • Update SAHMS spreadsheet of totals.
  • PayPal
  • Monthly sales summary
  • Monthly financial summary
  • Monthly financials
  • Bank of America statement
  • American Express - 2009 PDF and pay 1001
  • Citibank - pay and PDF of trans
  • Review Finances email folder for anything else.
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