Payroll - Monthly Question

Payroll - Monthly Question

This page is for Payroll Monthly Question sent in payroll email to Ishidos on payroll.
Version: 2/5/13 by Steve


  • Get Ishidos to do monthly update of their Ishido DB record
  • Get quick feedback across majority of Ishidos on a quick crowdsourcing question
  • Have some fun

Required - Update your Ishido DB record
You are required to update your Ishido DB record every month within one day of receiving payroll.

  • Review contact information and update Monthly Update section. If involved with Clients KACS and/or Calling, update those fields.
  • Be sure to change Ishido Updated field to today's date to confirm when you last updated your record.
  • Complete Personality Profile for Animal and RCI if you have never done this. Do the Bigger Gains test for RCI and Animal test. See for links for tests. Be sure to forward results of tests with your review of accuracy to Steve and CC your Team Leaders.
  • Monthly Payroll Question - contest for bonus $100 - enter below under the current month.

Lifebushido Monthly Ishido Contest - Monthly Payroll Question
April 2013 - Kickstarter Campaigns for Creative and Social Entrepreneurial Projects - Lifebushido Vision
We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.

  • I have been feeling like part of me is missing, the wild crazy Steve, the Lifebushido visionary Why Are You Here Right Now, Ghosting it Forward, Thank You Forward, Goalbushido, Triangle and so on.
  • All work and no play….
  • All business and not enough Creative and Social Entrepreneurial will not move us forward fast enough for the Lifebushido Vision.
  • Let's get some stuff kickstarted.
  • This is the biggest one but there are a few others. I think we likely have 5-10 Lifebushido Vision projects which we could post and seek emotional and financial support to make them happen faster.
  • Add ideas below on possible Kickstarter projects using existing LB projects and ideas or new ones which fit LB Vision.
  • I can see two aspects including one type where we actually seek real money to fund making something happen or pay some wages to make it happen and another which we just ask for $1 or the minimum from maximum number of people to leverage marketing awareness.
  • Please brainstorm ideas below.
  • Winning entry gets $100 bonus. Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
  • Deadline is Fri 4/12/13 at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by end of month.

April 2013 - Kickstarter Campaigns for Creative and Social Entrepreneurial Projects - Lifebushido Vision
Answers Here

  • Put your name, date, years at Lifebushido, main role, and link to your Triangle page if you are a member and your entry. Add your entry to bottom of list.
  • John Hardy, April 5, 2013. 1 year and 4months. Newshido. Coffee Stories. I formed a MV for this project ( which is currently on hold). I would like to see this as a Jedishido project. We can do this for our regular rate of pay or we could just rake in the profits. There is already a website set up for it and the book is available for purchase on We can heavily market it by using twitter and posting it on company FB page. Set up a poll on FB and people can decide on which method they would like to use and if they are willing to contribute to it.
  • Naomi Taylor, April 6, 2013, 6 days, New Hire, Global Network 18 Triangle. Charitable Project/Fund in support of either a new Lifebushido fund or to campaign for an existing organization that supports energy and environmental concerns in real estate, more eco-friendly building/home construction or energy-efficient improvements for homeowners - just “green real estate” in general. Perhaps a project of this nature could provide additional education to not just real estate professionals but to consumers overall, as this is an area that seems to be gaining interest nationwide and abroad. This could possibly be an ongoing project that can continually increase awareness for Lifebushido's vision and existing business base long-term.
  • Crystal Batignani, April 8, 2013, 1 year and 1 month, I would say to use Thank you Forward but tie in possibly SendOutCards for people to purchase cards and gift cards, brownies, etc to those people they wish to thank. Or choose a similar website/company that we can work with. There are many companies that you can “own” but not have the products at your house at all. I would be willing to research a good company and open up a storefront! We could promote on website, video, facebook, send to personal and business contacts as well as kickstarter.

March 2013 - Recruiting and Hiring more Callers and Key Assistants much Faster
Winner was Abhishek Mall
Answers Here

  • Put your name, date, years at Lifebushido, main role, and link to your Triangle page if you are a member and your entry. Add your entry to bottom of list.

Start internally with recruiting and hiring more Callers and Key Assistants. Specifically, if a current Ishido can refer friends who are uniquely qualified, fast track the application process. I
believe this would work well as it's still in line with weeding out those that might not be suited for Lifebushido. Because you are relying on the current Ishido's ability to judge character, it
will enable a firmer confidence in Ishido's, enhance sociability, and Lifebushido will reap the rewards of getting a great Newshido!

  • Jen H., 3/5/13 - 4 years 3ish months, TMTL. I hear time and time again how training for KA isn't paid - make it paid - use you, Lifebushido the client, as a training client to see how they do, break up tasks, rotate weekly calls, get them more hands on so the KATs can move faster to their points and become KAs and want to stick around. For Calling - I think you need a specific bonus structure other than the golden egg to throw them a bonus, doesn't have to be huge, but if they reach goals we line out with Sherilyn/Calling team before hand, they earn points like KAs do and thus can reach bonuses. The first few levels can be quickly reached and then start to make them more challenging so that the callers are driven to get those bonuses, and the higher the level, the more great the prize.
  • John Hardy, 3/6/13- 1 year and 3 months. WLR training Give job applicants a choice on the actual application itself. When they have sent in the application, have TLs from each of those teams email applicants directly and speak with them to give them an idea of the tasks that are required. I agree with Fiona on fast track as well as with Jen on bonuses. Maybe include extra new hire tasks related to these positions so it gives applicants a real idea of what is actually involved. That will help TL's in their decisions as to whether or not they choose to hire them for that team as well as giving a better idea of where their actual talents lie and if they are a fit for the company.
  • Shaveta Bansal, 3/6/13 - 7 years and 2 months. TL. The most important part of a business is having the right employees. As calling is one of the most enticing services that BAB provides to its clients, finding right callers for the calling team would be an asset. If we (additionally) start hiring professional callers and telemarketers without actually hiring them for Lifebushido at their rates on a client based project, it may help in finding good callers and screen more people. If we really like them we offer them job and hire them.
    Once such resourceful database is It even has the info for contractors who we can hire for a client. What I liked about odesk is you can look at the applicants' work history as well as what they have been paid for similar work. You can see how many other projects they are working.
    This will also give us an exposure to hire global callers v only US based callers. Similar approach can be used for hiring Key Assistants.
  • Abhishek Mall, 3/7/2013 - 4 years, ATL.
  • The issue is not to recruit high numbers but we should look for creating a well defined objective process for both KA and Callers.
  • All Callers and KA should be asked to break their work into defined activities
  • All the activities which are crucial should be used in making a process For Callers and similarly for KA
  • In short - We need to do a Mac Donalds
  • Once we have the process in place - one hour of training could convert any person into a caller or a KA
  • It may sound simpler and may be tough to carry out operationally but the rewards are huge.
  • Once we have set the process in place we would be process dependent and Kaizen dependent rather than people dependent.
  • Then even college students would be able to do the work during their summer breaks and winter breaks that is the beauty of defining any activity into a process.

Lifebushido Monthly Ishido Contest - Monthly Payroll Question
February 2013 - City Markets and Ishidos for Sales, Marketing, Service in Major Cities
We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.

  • Lifebushido is not just a virtual company. I fooled you. The plan has always been to grow and do business face-to-face in major cities.
  • We are now 130+ Ishidos on payroll.
  • Assume that we have 1-3 Ishidos in 20 major USA cities who are all eager, interested, professional, presentable and would like to meet with clients, leads, and business contacts for Best Agent Business and Lifebushido.
  • If you are a KA or CS or TL, imagine having an Ishido on the ground who is reliable and solid to go on-site to meet with clients for any reason.
  • If you are in Sales/Marketing, imagine the same for meeting with leads at Proposal stage or any stage at all or business joint venture contacts.
  • Also, imagine these Ishidos can help with Lifebushido recruiting, creative and social entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Please brainstorm all the wildly creative ways these 10-20 Ishidos out of 130 total can help Lifebushido on all levels. Be sure to address all possible levels of clients, leads, creative, social entrepreneurial, recruiting, etc.
  • Winning entry gets $100 bonus.
  • Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
  • Deadline is Fri 2/15/13 at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by end of month.

February 2013 - City Markets and Ishidos for Sales, Marketing, Service in Major Cities
Answers Here

  • Put your name, years at Lifebushido, main role, and link to your Triangle page if you are a member and your entry
  • Jennifer Young - 6 Years, Book Team Leader - The best thing that we can do to built our business presence is to set up meetings with the different players in the real estate industry in each area where we have a good physical presence. The individuals could pose as potential clients, do a mystery shopper sort of thing and then present the materials to the potential client. Along with the research and samples of our work they could tell them about the potential benefits of the business and then turn the individual over to Steve or sales to close the deal. It is all about making sure they know whey they need us.
  • Henderson Lafond - 2 months - Key Assistant - Create a Market Development Team . Create 5 Regional Representatives (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West). Each representative will be responsible for recruiting liaisons. Each liaison will have an area of focus - Client, Recruiting, Community Outreach. A Regional Rep could have numerous liaisons depending on the interest and number of major cities within. Each liaison will have to be sponsored and approved by the TL who they do the most work for, Steve and the Regional Rep. Each liaison will be allocated a certain number hours to spend each month of their area of focus, and will be held accountable by the Region Rep. Where possible the liaison should be interviewed either in person or via skype to ensure that they are the very best representative of Lifebushido and Steve. Client Liaisons will meet with clients, share knowledge of our services and display professionalism to our current and future partners. Recruit Liaisons will help provide a local connection to Lifebushido on local job boards as well as meet personally with recruits where applicable. Community Outreach Liaisons will participate as a representative of Lifebushido in community events ranging from events supporting a cause such a cancer research or children to highway adoption, ASPCA, local disaster relief. It will be up to the liaison to propose their ideas and gain approval while hopefully recruiting other Ishidos in their area to participate. Each Regional Rep and Liaison is encouraged to be creative in whatever their area is. Anything implemented under any of the three categories must be approved by the TL and/or Steve (where needed). Once each month the Regional Reps and TL will have a conference call to debrief, discuss what is working and share ideas.
  • John Hardy -1 year 2 months. - trainee for WLR subgroup. The best thing to do is to meet with clients and find out exactly what areas they need help in, whether it be blogging, calling, or leads management. We then establish liasions to each representative from each area of he company and meet to set things up. We should also have recruiters be present at employer fairs, college campuses and places where the unemployed can seek work and give a presentation about our company and the type of jobs available and provide the links to our website and the jobs area. We should also provide a Q&A forum where jobseekers and anyone interested can get information about the company and services provided. We can refer people directly to Steve as well.

January 2013 - Improve Client Retention of Best Agent Business Clients - Reorg Ideas
Answers Here

  • Put your name, years at Lifebushido, main role, and link to your Triangle page if you are a member and your entry
  • Ashleigh Michalik, 6 months, Key Assistant, Similar to Hyper Harry create action plans for each client type. We would need to get a questionnaire from the client (KA or CS could handle this) and let them know that they fall into this personality type and we would like to tailor our efforts to better match their situation and personality. We work the clients off of the personality action plan. If we feel that they are becoming more HH, RR, or CC we switch gears and tackle the issues as necessary. If we feel that they are not being open to working with us or creating issues we address it before it gets out of hand. As time goes if the CS or KA feels that the client needs a more tailored action plan they can bring this up to CS and you in an email with reasons and details.
  • Donna Alrich - 1 year - ATL New Hire Team: I’ve never dealt with clients in any capacity other than blogging, but it seems that Lifebushido needs to engage the clients before they reach the 2 month mark by changing the plan, throwing them “a bone” so to speak to let them know why they need Lifebushido. My suggestion would be to do the following which will let them know they are important to Lifebushido and make them feel like special clients:

  • * If the way they present themselves stays the same they will no longer be noticed by potential clients- they’ll blend in with the competition.Research their competition and find out what they are up against (it would be worth absorbing a couple hours cost for research toward saving a client). * Assign a special retention agent to consult with the client to review all the positive changes that have occurred within the first 2 months with Lifebushido and tell them where they are making progress, but give them options to improve further. * Suggest an upgrade to their marketing plan with new materials, designs, copy, maybe a professional audio-visual advertisement that can be posted to their web site, on YouTube and the link emailed to potential clients (I know just the person to produce them here at LB!). * Create and email at the 2 month mark–an audio-visual “pep-talk” that outlines what the clients need to do to stay on target, review the plan for success with Lifebushido beyond the first two months …
    * Kim Moler -2 years and 4 months, Key Assistant and Team Leader - * Hyper Harry's should only be assigned to KA's who are seasoned and knows the workings of the company and how to deal with clients and get work rolling with minimal attention from the client. * Clients on 495 level should only be started on 1 service. 995 level on 2. Clients tend to love the idea of us taking over so many areas and tasks, but all personality types have in common that when they start getting bombarded by kick off's, emails, phone calls and requests from so many different people that they get overwhelmed, frustrated and shut down. This also gives us a good opportunity to gauge their personality type and categorize them. * No PAM emails should be sent from any team for first 60 days and only if work is flowing, client is adjusted and rated an A. * KA, CS or whoever is designated to do these types of calls should have a document from each team as a guideline of information to start work for that team.Cut down on so many kick off calls. There are a couple exceptions such as calling and some marketing work that it is necessary the client would need an additional call and would be forewarned and what to expect. * 495 clients who are having calling done should not have other services, as budget cannot handle. * Calling clients should be given realistic timelines of calling to start, especially if DB work is needed. Calling should not start until DB cleanup of groups included in calling have been done. They should understand this keeps us from calling people who should not be called. * Personally, I would like to see a few Ishidos who are a team that focus only on working with new clients. Who can take the client from announcement, get 1 or 2 teams rolling for them, ensures client is knowledgeable in how things work, make sure they know who assistants are assigned to them and their roles, so on and so forth. This could also serve purpose of getting Steve away from all the new client KO's to focus on other areas. Once client is 30 to 60 days in, things are flowing, client is adjusted and we have a gauge on how best to work with clients style then assign them over to KA who will fit. In short, people who can get as much done for the client as possible quickly with minimal contact from so many people. * Service reviews - We should have reviews with the clients at different intervals throughout their time with us.Maybe every 4 months or if KA sees need. By this I mean, what they start out having us do may not fit what they need anymore, financial issues may need us to look at what we can adjust, etc. Keep the client happy, make sure what we are doing is relevant to what they need and keep them from saying that they just don't need us anymore. We might be able to do things for them they hadn't even thought of asking.
    * Jenn Yates - 10 months, ATL Listings/Closings * New clients should start off slow and as Key Assistant Contact Only. Start with one service/team for a few weeks and then move to the next service/team. The KA could come up with a timeline when each service will be implemented and communicate that with all TL's for the services. In the meantime, any behind the scenes work can be done by all teams which required zero information from client if possible. TL or ATL from each team the client wishes to utilize should be on CKO call. * All clients should have their own specific plan (goes along with above suggestion) - This plan needs to be created by the KA with information from the TL/ATL's of the teams that are going to be utilized with the first few months of service. This plan would document the timeline of when services would be starting for each team, contact information for everyone involved (TL's, Assistants, etc.) and any major expectations the client has communicated (ie, - client states he must have this service started by this time, all communications should go through this person, etc.) - saves on 100's of emails in which translation can get lost, overlooked - Will then get uploaded into quickbase for quick reference. * Client Retention - ask client what service they valued the most - offer a LG99 Free if they sign back up or just to help prove ourselves and services again. * Quickbase is valuable and needs to send an alert to TL's/ATL's of all teams each time an update is made to any of the Assistant fields or other major informational fields so that email communication can be sent on to the correct individuals or important information can be documented ASAP. * Create a wiki that outlines the common issues and suggestions for dealing with the Hyper Harrys, Calm Cathys and Rockstar Ricks. This would be a great reference for new trainees to know how to handle these types of clients * John Hardy- 1 year and 1 month- Newshido , training for WLR subgroup of Agent Mgt team. HH clients are a special population. Only ishidos who are patient and have some experience with this population ( ADHD in anyone) should work with them. There should also be professionals not part of the company involved as well and should be included in the KO call. There should be a separate wiki that explains some of the symptoms and behaviors of this population and should be required as a billable task for all involved with this population. My experience with clients was blogging and he no longer decided to pay for the services after I had already completed that task. We should implement some kind of policy or rule that if a client decides to no longer seek our services , that we give them a timeline ( for example two weeks- financial issues not included as there is already a policy in place for that) and follow up with them as to why they made that decision.

    * Dequiana Brooks Jackson - 1 year 1 month - Marketing Assistant, Marketing Teams, finishing KA training * Issue: Clients bolt after 2 to 3 months. Potential reason: Client overwhelm about initial sign-up. Clients go from speaking with Steve to a barrage of emails from different people requesting signatures, forms filled out, phone meetings and more. Potential solutions include: * Consolidate team calls - Ask the client to schedule a two to three hour block of time (if possible) and have all necessary kick-off call leaders on the phone at once. Have each one go through their kick-off steps one by one. If this would take up too much time, have the KA attend each call so that he or she can remain the key contact. Since the KA has the first client relationship, he or she could introduce the team leader or assistant and then let that leader or assistant take over the call. * Consolidate kick-off documents. Have the KA send all documents directly to the client vs. having multiple team leads send them over. I believe some of this is happening now. * Have clients start off as KA contact only and have services staggered to start a couple weeks apart. This will give clients time to get in all forms and see work progress rather than a bunch of things started but no output. * Assign clients KAs who have experience navigating through the company and getting things done. It's almost like a Super KA who can help run the initial kick-off calls, gather documents from the client, answer questions about multiple services and more. It's like current KA contact only in a way but the person is able to move faster and suggest client specific improvements over time. * Issue: Clients with testimonials leave after 1 or 2 years. Potential reasons: Client no longer sees value of BAB assistance (may hire an internal assistant), services get stale or BAB is thought of only as a virtual assistance company. * Start workshops or trainings for real estate agents on key topics to grow their businesses. Workshops could be monthly or every other month and led by Steve or another expert we could bring in. Topics would be timely and offer clear action steps at the end. Some of these action steps could tie directly into BAB services like time management, goal setting, closings, etc. * Continue encouraging clients to sign up for the YouTube BAB mini lessons. * Continue to brand BAB as a full-service real estate assistance company that can help agents grow their bottom line year over year. We do this first by taking on tasks that take them away from money making activities (like closing deals), second by networking and introducing them to key players in their industry, third by providing valuable knowledge they cannot get anywhere else. * Diagnose the greatest problems real estate agents face and come up with specific solutions to solve them. Is it marketing effectively, keeping up with leads, etc. * Interview clients to understand why they left BAB, especially after such a successful run. * Study competitors to see what they're offering that BAB could either offer, too, or improve upon. * Seek joint ventures to accomplish some of these goals - speakers for workshops, time management software, marketing software, etc. Could get an affiliate commissions from these referrals. * Consider a yearly conference that brings together real estate experts and agents to one place to discuss the industry and how to grow in the current economy. If there are enough industry conferences, then get Steve placed as a speaker. * The KA should still play a key role in suggesting upgrades. Ideally after 1 or 2 years the KA has intimate knowledge of client and will care enough to suggest improvements that may have a real impact. This may only be able to happen if KAs are assigned 5 or less clients a time. If a KA has 5+ clients plus multiple other roles in the company, it may not be feasible for that KA to go as deep with each client and be effective.
    Caroline Collins, 6 months, Client Networking ATL
    * Clients need to be provided with a more realistic view of their role in the partnership with BAB - many clients seem to think that hiring a VA means they can dump the work and not be bothered and this is far from the case. The client needs to take an active role in getting us needed information in a timely manner, submitting their work, like database coding, and communicating their needs and desires to us regularly. I am not sure what leads are told to get them to try our services but many new clients just seem pretty clueless as to what the system actually entails and what their role needs to be. * We also need to do a better job of explaining the roles of teams, like CS and KA, etc early on - we could create more BAB wikipages - like BAB FAQ pages - and send a link to the client with their Welcome email. * We should consider ways to limit emails to clients - maybe have each work team member send just one update mail per week with requests for what they need going forward, and submitting any duplicate requests - if the client has not replied to them in a timely manner - through the KA. * Work should start out small and focused - usually database clean-up is needed for most other services, so the client's expectation needs to be that this is done first and that the sooner they submit what we need from them the sooner we can move on. We might consider starting *everyone* at a lower subscription level, just enough to cover the database clean-up at first, with the expectation that they will upgrade once that is complete - this will save the client some money at first, plus we will have less complaints of “slow start-up” if they have, for example, signed up at the $995 level wanting Marketing and Calling services which have to wait on the database anyway. This would also have the added benefit of reducing the amount of emails a client receives. Let's work on impressing them with our quickness and efficiency in one project at a time and then move on when ready. As they grow more familiar with us and how we do things they can add more projects in. * Sometimes these initial start-up services can be an LG$99 gift, to get them going, get them impressed and wanting to pay for more. We do some of this already but might consider doing more. The client can then be told that, if they get their information and work back to us quickly, this initial gift *could* cover much of the database clean-up service, for example. * The KA needs to keep on top of things and be kept in the loop at all times. There shouldn't be any “Oops, we went over our budget by 10 hours this month, sorry” or “Well, we didn't get that done because we never heard back from the client and just didn't remember to inform you about that” sort of thing. All work teams members should know to report regularly to the KA with progress updates, or, if there's been no progress that week, the reason why. The KA should not have to chase people down and beg for information, and they should NEVER have to tell the client that they have no idea what is going on with one of their services. There should really be weekly updates sent to the KA routinely before the weekly client call, so everyone is kept on the same page. * Clients should never have to pay for services they don't want or don't need. If the client is being unrealistic about not needing a service they obviously DO need - like refusing the database clean-up and wanting to jump right into Calling - I am not even sure this is a client we would want to take on as they would likely turn out not to be a good fit in the long-term. However, if it's a case of, for example, them preferring to handle their own leads and they really are on top of things in that area, why do we make them pay for the Weekly Lead Report? It just annoys them. * A client should never be assigned more services than they can realistically handle. Again, it comes down to being the type of client who is willing and able to work with us and keep on top of things. If a client has been with us for months and not much has gotten done mainly because they are not holding up their end of things, we need to be frank with them and even be willing to suggest a Downgrade in order to make things more manageable and get the client back on track. If we demonstrate that we are the kind of company that cares more about the client and their needs than we do about taking more of their cash we will likely inspire more client loyalty over time. * Certain “smaller” clients, or ultra-HH clients, might benefit more from having only ONE assistant who can handle all or most of their services. Obviously, not all ishidos would be qualified for this, but we might explore how many are competent in a variety of areas - or who would be willing to train in a variety of areas with the long-term goal of having this position - and who would be comfortable doing all of a single client's tasks, like their “Girl Friday” kind of KA. It might be necessary to create a new way to bill for this, or maybe it could still go in under the KA Client Management team billing, with the weekly budget for the KA being higher.
    Henderson Lafond - 1 month - Key Assistant

    I am very new to the company so my thoughts are broad, based on what little I have seen so far.

    The issue of retention in 1-2 months in my mind would be one of two reasons:
    1. Clients being slow get organized/started with us
    2. Clients becoming confused or overwhelmed by the amount of activity after sign up and abort.

    Both of these issues could be solved by having one point of contact or partner to help them along the way. I can easily see how it could be confusing to have so many people involved in the work. This person can get to know the client and more easily sense their becoming bogged down or overwhelmed and pull back if necessary. This person would of course delegate out what is not in their area of expertise, but would be responsible for pulling it back together and presenting to the client.

    The issue of long term retention after several years to me could be avoided by showing the client's every month, quarter, year HOW BAB and their partnership with us has impacted their business. We could show a pre/post and even drill down to what happened after change of service level, realignment of hours, etc. I think it's important that after the partnership is established, we continue to show how we are helping them grow. This will help create “advocates” who would never consider abandoning the partnership

    Lacey Davis, 5 months, Client Service -
    * This would cost me and the rest of CS a lot of hours, but I think the main reason clients don't make it through the startup process, especially Hyper Harry clients, is because they experience too much, too fast. The main point behind CS is to call the clients and make sure they're happy with their services. During startup, they don't know if they're happy or not because the process is too overwhelming. They're getting calls from KAs, Team Leaders, Team members, AND CS, and it's just too much for anyone to handle. * Remove CS from the equation until Day 60 (and possibly even KAs) unless the client will only be using us for ONE service. * Create a new team of Service Startup Specialists. They will focus on walking each client through one service at a time, getting everything up and running by day 60. EVERYTHING will come through the client's assigned SSS. * If a client decides to upgrade or add more services later, then the CS and/or KA can handle it. * When Day 60 rolls around, the SSS will introduce the CS and KA to the client, give them a debrief of the client's personality and tendencies, and they will take over moving forward.
    Delores Johnson, 1 year and 3 mos. Social Media and Blogging -

    If I were a client this is what I would like:
    * A process that is straight forward and I don’t have to guess too much what I need to do. * I don’t want to have to sit down and read a ton of emails, jump through a bunch of hoops to get things set up. * If I had the time to do all this I would have done it myself. * I want one point of contact that either I or my assistant can pick up the phone or email and get answers. I don’t want to be passed around or talk to ten other people to find out what I need.
    Start out slow. The reason client come to us is because the need help to get organized and they need to find a place to start. I think we should:

    * Start with Kick off person and explain what is going to happen, what will be expected of the client and about how long it will take to get things up and running. Explain that this will be done over a week or whatever. Then start them off with each step. * Cut down on the amount of files they need to transfer. * Cut down on the amount of questionnaires they need to be filled out. * Especially in the early stages keep client contact to KA. As time goes on, if the client requests it, let them have contact to specific Ishidos doing different aspects of work for them, with KA copied in. * We now have the KA contact the client once a week. Before that contact date, the KA should have the weekly billing figures, input from any of the other team leaders concerning the client, and other questions or concerns from Steve.
    For long term clients:
    * Gather information about how we have helped them. When things are going good, it’s hard to see that the reason they are going good is because of the help you have been given. So give them a monthly or bi-monthly report. Make it one or two pages so you can look at it quickly and move on. I guess something like an executive report on the company conditions. * Give them a free month of services or a specific service. I know this is hard to do. But I see this all the time. A cable company will give new customers some great benefit for signing up and I am sitting back saying, but I have been with you for six years where is my benefit for being loyal. * Once a year or every six months have the KA review the client’s history, show them where things have gone right and admit that we could have done something better if need be. * Have a gripe session. Let the client vent about us or anything that they need to. Give them a place to go when it seems like everything is going wrong. * Make sure that things haven’t gotten out of hand as far as being contacted by a bunch of people. * Even for long term clients remember the one rule KISS, keep it simple. It is easy, once things get rolling to inundate someone with other services, or ideas. This is good and usually necessary. But don’t do it all at once and especially don’t do it every time the client turns around. Maybe have a place where they can go and look over our services. A one page wiki or flyer we can send out.
    Kate Bay Jaramillo, 3 months, KA, CS, Caller, Upgrades ATL, Local Entrepreneur Triangles
    * The Day 1 CS call should include an Expectations Conversation, so the client understands what is expected of them, and they know what it is fair to expect from BAB. This conversation sounds similar to this: CS: “Now that you have hired BAB, in order for us to help you become a successful, happy client, what do you expect from our relationship?” Client responds. CS “Okay, what else?” Client continues to respond; CS continues to ask “What else?” until Client is done explaining expectations. At this time, CS can address any unrealistic expectations (ex: Client: “I expect all of my leads to be called within 5 minutes of them visiting the website.” CS “I want to address one of your expectations… We cannot call a lead within 5 minutes of their visiting the website, however, we can call them within 24 hours. Did you know that a new lead is actually not as valuable as an older lead? Newer leads are typically not pre-qualified, have just begun their search so are 3, 6, 9 months away from purchasing, are searching for under $300K homes, and 50% do not even have the correct phone number! A Buyer B lead that has been active on the site within 90 days, has visiting 8+ times, and has a budget of $300K is actively searching so they are ready to buy now, and we have found that their information is correct.”) After CS addresses all of the client's expectations, CS explains what BAB expects from them (i.e. time commitment, answering calls from KA, CS, etc.) CS asks “Do any of these expectations seem unrealistic?” Client can respond and the dialogue goes from there. Not only will this allow a very clear beginning for the Client, but they will have built rapport and trust with their CS. * All new clients should start out as Key Assistant Contact Only. KA would make personal introductions to the other Team members our client is working with. This can be done via email, a conference call, and/or the Team member could join the KA on their weekly call with the client. * The Team members working with a client should join the Weekly KA Call as often as possible. Not only would this help move things along, but the Team member may also hear additional opportunities for service to the client. This leads to a happier client, more work for Ishidos, and a possible Upgrade in the near future. * KA keeps a weekly track of number of hours paid for vs. number of hours used. Clients who are not using their hours are not using BAB, and will question the value of our work to them. * Form a “Bring 'Em Back” Committee. This Committee is focused on clients who are starting to drop off a bit… They are building a large backlog of hours, they are not taking calls with their KA, not communicating with other teams, not returning required information, etc. The Committee will call these clients daily until they reach them by phone, and just let them know that we miss hearing from them and are concerned about them personally. What can we do to help them? Sending nice cards/post cards in the mail is also something the Committee will do to help re-engage the client by showing that BAB has an interest in THEM, not just their business
    Toshua Serrato - 3 months - CS and Client Revive
    * New clients KA contact only * All emails sent before KO call should come from CS - CS could then forward needed information to each team and KA. After the Day 1 call CS should email a staff list to the client and then once they have been introduced to more staff at the KO call allow other teams to contact always cc KA and CS on all emails sent to client. This will allow for a more shared environment, when a client completes work for one area CS and KA are kept up to speed this shows internal communication. Most clients at the beginning are very irritated when asked the same questions by several different areas. With this being said the information that you are required to ask should just be verified on your calls with the information that was sent. Also if there is an issue the client is experiencing with a team you have already been copied on the email and know before the call. I also believe CS should send an email to KA before every CS call so they are up to date before call. * Day 1 calls should be very informative, schedule KO, verify projects and provide timeline for each project, explain the workings of BAB and provide staff list, explain who will be contacting them for projects after the KO call, fully explain the difference between CS and KA, give client information about KA and explain they will meet on the KO call, make sure the client knows what is needed from them and when, verify office information from agenda many times all this info is in the agenda if it is do not ask again just verify it is correct, the more informed the clients are from the beginning will help eliminate some of their frustration * Timelines - from the beginning clients need to know how long each project should take on average to be up and running this should be fully discussed with the client on the Day 1 call. For example if it is going to take 30-45 days for DB to be up and functioning and the client is aware of this from Day 1, this allows for the client to have some type of knowledge of when things should begin. CS calls should focus on what specific time frames each project will take and if those time frames are being met by our departments. Many clients feel that no work is being performed for them where in actuality it is, many of these clients are on target but without a timeline from the start their expectations are off. * Tailored calls specific to client projects. The first 60 days should be tailored to what projects that client is trying to begin. For example if the client is DB, Lead Management and Calling. Each TL could put a timeline together to where that client should be at Day 1, 10 , 20, 30, 45 and 60. CS would then verify that the client is up and performing at where they need to be at each time interval to ensure that all projects begin as needed. I do not feel that clients should rate teams before they are operational, it is not fair to the team if the client is not informed to how long things take, they are low rating teams that really are doing what they should and many times many of the errors are on the clients side because they have not provided the needed information BAB needs to begin. If CS if verifying timelines this would be noted during the call, by day 10 DB should be here, since you have not provided logins DB has not begun and we are 10 days behind schedule. This hold the client accountable * Rather than doing a call guideline for the first 60 days, CS should work off a worksheet that is completed with the clients current information and target dates, similar to a call summary but specific to the client projects. CS still needs to build rapport with Clients at the beginning with BAB, otherwise if you bring them on later they will not want to deal with you they will only want to deal with their KA. * Once a client has had calling performed and lead management reports coming in then we ask them to rate, this will give the client time to have some experiences with the teams and be able to rate them fairly. If we are using a timeline in the beginning we will know if a department is not up to par by the work being performed not by the perception of where the client feels they should be. * I do not believe that we should every ask a client for testimonial until they are performing for at least 2-3 months with no problems. If clients are asked to soon they may begin to feel that we are not concerned for their account only for our testimonial. Clients that are truly happy with our services should have no problem providing a testimonial. * KO calls are not easy to schedule within 5 days of the client being announced. I think this has happened maybe 3 times at the most with my clients. I am not sure how the logistics work for billing, is there a way that the client's start day actually begin 5 days before the KO? If they are unavailable or we are unavailable to get them scheduled for KO call within 5 days can we move their start date. I have had clients that were on a 10 day call and the KO call had not happened, this is not a good first impression. If we were able to move the start date of their service to 5 days before KO, we are billing for time used rather than backlog their hours the previous month. * I do not feel that we should ever ask a client if we can take more things off their plate if we have not completely finished with their current projects. * Cs needs to become proactive rather than reactive we should be one step ahead of the client, if we know of issues before the call we have a resolution or proposed action plan to give the client, rather than the client telling us as well as the team and KA they have an issue. Many times when you make a CS call and a problem exists Cs is unaware of the issue, really needs to be better communication with CS and KA

    Teresa White - 3.5 months - Calling Team -
    * Provide all clients with a step by step manual of what to expect once they have signed up with BAB. The manual will offer an overview of ALL services offered by BAB, but be individualized per client by highlighting the areas of their interest. For example, if the client is only interested in Listings or Marketing services, those areas of the manual would literally be highlighted in the manual table of contents and body of manual. The manual will also make it clear to the client that this is a team effort between themselves and BAB as it outlines what will be expected of them in the process. * Have the Key Assistant assigned to the new client make a Day 1 Call within 24 hours of client signing and provide the manual to the client for review PRIOR to the Kickoff Call, rather than their assigned CS. This would allow the client to get a feel for BAB and our personalized service, as well as allowing the KA the ability to initiate services for the client while they wait for their Kickoff Call with Steve and CS to take place. * Maintain all clients as Key Assistant Contact Only, as bombardment immediately after sign up by emails from every team the client expressed possible interest in is most likely their number one reason for dropping off in the first 2-3 months. * Reverse the process of introducing the KA on the Kickoff Call and use the Kickoff Call to introduce the Client Services Assistant - making it clear to the client that CS is to work as an “umbrella” type contact keeping checks and balances with the client and their KA. * Sidenote: I think the overwhelming communication at the start of their term with BAB scares off clients, whether they be Hyper Harry or Calm Cathy - as both types have certain, predetermined expectations and need to know clearly what we can and will provide to them regarding service. Streamlining the process and making it more individualized per client will make them happier and keep BAB focused on what we need to do the meet and ultimately exceed their expectations.

    Monthly Question - December 2012 - Secret Santa for Ishidos - Project Plan
    * Winner was Shani Rainge: We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.
    * This month is coming up with a solid Secret Santa project plan. Limit is 200 words for your entry. * Goal is to come up with ideas of how to run an optional Secret Santa project during December for Ishidos who want to play. Decide on price limit for gifts and how it all will work and how it can be maximum fun including the process of joining group, choosing someone or random choice, trying to figure out what they like without letting them know who is their Secret Santa, sending, receiving and how we can be more in-person even though we are virtual. * Winning entry gets $100 bonus and option to lead the effort. If they are not interested, we will open it up who wants to organize and spend a few hours to make it happen 12/10/12 onwards. * Deadline is Fri 12/7/12 at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by 10th of month. * Have fun! * Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
    Answers Here
    * Put your name, years at Lifebushido, link to your Triangle page if you are a member and your entry *
    Shani Rainge, 4 months, Triangle: Collective Apex: Since we have recently compiled the animal teams for everyone at Lifebushido, perhaps we could have a “White Elephant” Secret Santa. This is more so a play on words based on the theme of animals rather than a description of how it will be done. After doing a bit of brainstorming and research , I think we could use one of the free sites such as or that allow for online secret Santa exchanges in order to randomize the drawings. The sites also allow for sending of e-vites and notifications. To start, those that wish to participate could send the organizer their contact data as well as fill out a short questionnaire to better help their secret Santa decide on a gift. The gift value limit would be $25, and to make it more personal we could ask that everyone include a personal statement along with their gift. We could also create a wiki to document the progress of the project that would detail date deadlines, helpful tips/info on shipping, or anything to promote participation and excitement. The wiki could also be updated with pictures of gifts or updates from Ishidos after the exchange is completed. * Dana Stanley, 4 months, Triangle: Collective Apex: We could do something where each Ishido states on a wiki page their best qualities, traits and/or hobbies. From there, a team leader or organizer can choose or assign Ishidos a 'giftee' and provide the 'gifter' with the giftee's mailing address. Ishidos would spend no more than $10-$25 purchasing an item or items in line with the giftee's hobbies or qualities. This can include gift cards (if the giftee is an avid reader, one may want to purchase a gift card from a book store). Since we will most likely be mailing something, try to purchase something that won't entail a large shipping charge. I also think the gifter can include their own Lifebushido story - How they found out about Lifebushido, what Lifebushido team they work on, why they like Lifebushido, how working for Lifebushido helps them achieve their goals - the story can be included in a card. * Shawna Beamer, 19 months: We do something like this for my husband's company less the virtual part. Basically we could create a wiki page and anyone that is interested in “playing” can add the following information; name/address/3-5 items that they would like or are interested in. I would value the gifts @ $25. Give a deadline of the 10th for sign ups. Then a mass email can be sent out to everyone who noted interest with the wiki page attached. Those people can go onto the wiki and choose whomever they wish and then they would remove that person's answers from the page so that no one else chooses them again. As for the “more in-person” ideas, I think it would be cute to have the sender of the gift send a photo of themselves with the gift. It could be them purchasing/wrapping/etc or even a cute little note, etc. so that the recipient could see who sent it. :) Sounds fun to me! * Tina S. - 3 years (and yes, similar to Shawnas but I typed in word first and she beat me to it LOL.) Secret Santa Idea:
    Make an internal wiki page for anyone who wants to participate in the Secret Santa game.
    On this page they can put their names and list 3 items smaller than a bread box (for shipping) that are under $15 that they’d like to receive. * Things are always interpreted different and it’d be fun to see what is sent. * This allows for gift cards, etc.Their Secret Santa can either buy one or more of the items (depending on the cost), not to exceed about $15. The “embassador” of this project will supply Santa the name and address of who you are shopping for. Get Creative!!
    Ship the gift by Dec 15th and include either: * A small card hand written as to who it’s from * A Holiday Card (if you make and send these ) and * A photo of you, your family, or some pretty landscape around your home.For the “in person” aspect, I think we organize a Skype “holiday coffee time” per time zone and all that are interested can attend. It’ll be “BYOC&D” of course! (bring your own coffee and donuts) *
    Crystal Batignani - 9 months- The set-up is similar to all above: set up a wiki page and everyone who would like to participate can puts their name on it. A mass email can be sent to everyone in order to let them know to put their name on the wiki page if they like. However, to get fun and to learn more about everyone….on the wiki page they can answer the following questions: * What is your favorite color? * What do you like to do for fun? * What do you like to eat? * What books do you read? * What TV shows or movies do you like? * Where do you live? That way the gift giver gets a little view of what they like but they can have a little fun guessing what they would like to receive. We would put a deadline for each task
    and have the Secret Santa organizer pull names. Budget of $15 sounds good to me!
    Lavern Edwards 2 years 9months . We can create a Wiki Page and have all ishidos who would like to participate enter there names and the gift they would like to receive from there Secret Santa. If you are International please state so if your are in the USA please state so.Your gift must be $25 dollars or less. For International Ishidos probably they can receive money of $25 dollars or less in there paypal account since it takes a while to receive items overseas and shipping cost is alot. Then we can use to enter ishiods name. Names will be pulled like when we use to pull names from a hat. Names will be pulled and matched with different Ishidos automatically. The TL or person in charge will send out a email to each person on who they will be sending a gift to. All ishidos participating will not be left out.(So if there is 20 participating 20 will be matched up with the different ishidos so each person will definitely get a gift and not be left out) You will go back to the wiki page and see what the gift is that your person has stated. Please email TL to get mailing address. Your gift needs to be mailed out the second week of December so gifts will be received in time for Christmas..-Happy Holidays Jen H. – 4 years
    Objective: Keep Secret Santa “secret” until the day after Christmas
    * Have someone ship/mail your gift for you so location/return address can be kept secret as well * Have wiki page where people can sign up, or do a simple survey where people can reply yes or no (1 question only)
    Leader: Select 1 person to “know” who all the santas are and can announce at the end
    Goal: Everyone has a $15 limit total – to include shipping
    * Setting lower limit keeps it fun and interesting * Have everyone choose random gifts and make it the “largest item” you can get within budget and mail * Have Steve award the best/largest gift a “Christmas Bonus” which could pose as a bonus prize for December * To qualify for final bonus, must add picture of gift to the wiki page established next to your name.
    We’ve done this with our family during Christmas – everyone has the limit and the type of item allowed and if guidelines aren’t followed then disqualified from bonus prize. This can get hilarious real fast. It doesn’t have to be the largest, we could do most wild animal print, smallest, funniest, whatever – you get the point J

    John Hardy- 1 year- Discovery Triangle. Have ishidos put their Unique Talent down ( if they have not already done so) and select a gift that is relavent to it. It can be like a “White Elephant” ( my church is having one this evening) but you purchase a gift of $ 20 or less including shipping. Ishidos can write down a gift that they feel will help them to focus on their unique talent especially if it's one that they may not be passionate about. You can set up a wiki page for this where you list your favorite things ( sports, type of music) to help in the selection of a gift or ishidos can enter their UT on that wiki and put the gift next to it. The gift could be an actual gift or a gift card where the person gets to select whatever they want. The person in charge can send out a mass email to everyone explaining the rules and guidelines and include an option of not participating if they so desire. A deadline needs to be set for responses so as to allow for time to purchase the gift and get it sent out. When the gift is shipped out, there needs to be an option for delivery if the person is not home ( ie, leave at front door, back door, with a neighbor).
    The leader should be emailed when the gift has been sent out and supplied with the tracking number for their records. After Christmas, there should be an email sent out to all ishidos who participated asking for feedback. If the “secret Santa's ” are announced, each ishido should thank his or her Santa individually, however they choose.
    Happy Holidays !

    Monthly Question - November 2012 - Video of Ishido Home Offices around the World
    We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.
    * This month is an optional video to complete with the best video winning $100 contest. * You can bill 1 hour for doing the video which should take you only about 15-30 minutes to do and post on YouTube. * Goal is getting a variety of interesting videos around world of Ishidos and their home offices. * You do not need to have your face on the video. It is optional. You can choose to have your family, kids, dogs, cats, other people or animals on video or not. * Bill 1 hour to Lifebushido and have Ishido Home Office Video in description. * Suggested approach: * Video: Please mention your first name or fullname and city, state, country at start of video and say something about this is Lifebushido Ishido video of a Ishido HomeOffice. At end of video say something funny or inspirational or define something from Lifebushido Glossary. * I suggest you show us where you work in your home office, perhaps your desk and files or interesting things, maybe if you want to tour aspects of your house or garden, etc. etc. * Have fun - do whatever. * Bonus for Global Ishidos: If you are Global Ishido and also include a 1-3 minutes video segments showing us some aspects of your city or where you shop or neighborhood which would have us understand it is not USA, you can do another 1 hour for total of 2 hours billing. * YouTube: Upload to YouTube and tag with “Lifebushido, Ishido, IshidoHomeOffice” and paste YouTube link below. Also below write 1-3 sentences as short description of video. * Deadline 12th of month at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by 15th of month. * Have fun! * Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
    Answers Here
    * Put your name, years at Lifebushido, link to your Ishido Web Page if you have one, link to your Triangle page if you are a member and link to YouTube video you created and posted at bottom of list. * Lacey Davis, 3 months with Lifebushido, Office Tour * Kim Moler - 2 years and 3 months -http://%20http// office #2

    Monthly Question - October 2012 - Ishido Survey Questions
    We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.
    * This month is a personal question hoping to encourage each of you to THINK BIG, far beyond your current situation in life. Assuming everything in your life goes super duper well for the next 10 years. * This relates to Lifebushido Vision in some ways. * Questions: * If you could not fail, what would you do? * Deadline 10th of month at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by 15th of month. * Have fun! * Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
    Answers Here
    * Put your name, years at Lifebushido, link to your Ishido Web Page if you have one, link to your Triangle page if you are a member and answer below at bottom of list. * Steve Kantor, etc etc etc… * Kelly Welch: I'd solve the poverty problem. It's the root of most social, medical and economic problems worldwide so we'd get a big return on the effort. You did say to think big…. * Amber Martin-Be a business owner. I have always wanted to run my own website/marketing small business. * Holger Schaarschmidt: I'd solve the world energy problem, to be not dependent on fossil fuels and finally prefect fusion for every day energy use! (remember the DeLorean in Back To The Future!) * Jennifer H., 3 years 10 mos,, I would start the biggest global non-profit that would benefit children and see to it that all had equal opportunities and not get lost in the system. I feel so many times the processes get in the way of what is really important, the child. I want all kids to feel as lucky and as loved as my child does. * Julie J., 3+ years. If I could not fail, the very first thing on my list would be to run for President of the United States. I would pass legislation that would help Kelly Welch solve the poverty problem and appoint her to a committee to oversee that. I would put Holger in charge of my energy solutions committee. I would dissolve the department of education which gets very little done and I would create a new committee that would oversee the true educational needs of children and provide opportunities for them. I would appoint Jen Hartline to run this committee. I would put Steve Kantor in as the head of my committee to “put Americans back to work” - a sort of entrepreneurial think tank. I would contract Amber Martin to redesign and maintain all the federal websites. I would make Tina Snyder my Chief of Staff and have her make sure all these committees have what they need to accomplish their tasks. Then once my time in office was over - if I still could not fail - I would buy 100 acres of land in Montana, build a home on it, raise Alpacas, and work from home doing Graphic Design. * Michelle Beitzel, 4 months,, - If I could not fail I would launch two different websites ideas I have had for a while designed to meet the needs and demands of the specific markets as well as create passive/residual income. These are both service and marketing based and would bring in monthly fees. One is for the internet marketing industry (would target coaches) and the other is for the paranormal industry. I would move near the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica for winters and Lofoten, Norway for the summers, for a while anyway. I would create my own team of Super VA’s that served as assistants, coaches, brainstormers, personal managers, and more. These would be very highly skilled and bring in top dollar with high results marketed to the top 20% of income generating entrepreneurs. I would create art. I would not worry about money so much and instead ask what else is possible every single day, focusing on my potential rather than potential income. I would create a photo journal of all the random shoes seen in the middle of the road, hanging on telephone wires and abandoned on the side streets and create a coffee table book of their stories ;) I would create a Lifebushido/BAB hard copy Operations Manual with a New Hire QuickStart Guide and give it out like candy.

    * Elaine Thigpen - 2years 10 months, // In my effort to think BIG I asked both my children this question, because I know that whatever they dream of I want to help them achieve it. My daughter loves animals and wants to be a vet. For her I would help expand on her love of animals and caring for them. My son loves games and wants to be a computer game designer. He would want to create a family park that would have a tennis court, basketball court, soccer field, etc. I would help reach for that goal. I would help others become more self efficient growing their own foods and sharing among each other. Find new ways to recycle the things that we use everyday. Eliminate the need for banks, money exchanges. I would bring back the old fashion way of life bartering and trading. * Wendy Bingaman, 1.5 years at Lifebushido, Spark Triangle - Co-Leader,- If I could not fail, I would make sure everyone had access to quality healthcare through fitness memberships, medical insurance, nutritional training, affordable prescriptions, etc. This is especially important for all children and those who are on a fixed income. I strongly believe in educating individuals so they can be empowered to help others and not feel hopeless or helpless because of any limitations. * I also have a 2nd idea - I have wanted to organize an organization that helps the housebound individual who needs assistance with transportation to appointments, light housekeeping or the occasional companion visit. There are a lot of people who need help getting to/from appointments, doing housework or may get lonely because they do not have the family support or neighbors to help them. There are some organizations similar to this but I would like this done on a more personal level. Services could be provided by high school students, college age kids, retirees, or other volunteers seeking something to do with their time. It would be wonderful to match up people with these unique talents to provide a more intimate relationship other than just a service. Regardless of what was needed by the individual, they would be able to call one number and all necessary arrangements would be made to accommodate the individual and their needs. * Rebecca Mahinay - 2 years - In my neighborhood, garbage collection is on Tuesdays & Fridays. Before garbage truck arrives, women and little children would knock on doors to ask for trash that can be recycled (plastics, bottles, cans etc…) They would sell what they have gathered to junk shops. That is their livelihood. If I have the resources, I would like to help these women and children have decent lives. I would like to set-up a cooperative or a shop wherein women can do some crafts like dressmaking, bag-making and such things to help them earn decent livelihood. I would also like to set-up a scholarship foundation to help them send their children to school, not just for school fees but for allowances as well. * Crystal Batignani - 6 months - If I could not fail I would start with American schools and give our children's diet a makeover. Out with the processed and in with the fresh! After I overcome that hurdle, I would look at all the toxins in their daily lifestyle and instill a friendlier lifestyle for their growing bodies. Of course, along the way I would instill these same values in their parents and all adults in general so the children have good role models. After America, I will move my efforts on to other countries until the entire world is eating and living a healthy lifestyle not only for themselves but for all of Earth's creatures. * Laurie Newman - 5 months -, - If I could not fail, I would set up a government that would require its citizens to have a genuine love for God and for neighbor. Nothing else would be needed if everyone in the world just followed those two commands. * Carmen Bautista - 2 years - - If I could not fail, I would look for the best solution for the Global Warming every nation is suffering from. Weather is unpredictable, it is worse nowadays, it so unpredictable. Not just the weather, but also natural calamities are so often. Many lives, properties, and natural wonders were lost. If I can find a way to create a new lining in the atmosphere to make things better. From there, I would work on the political and cultural problems in the Philippines. I will track where corruption starts and how it works down to the citizens. As we all know, corruption is the root of poverty in third world countries. If I can't eradicate it totally, lessen it to at least 50% for a better life for every citizen. If funds can be recovered, will start planning infrastructure projects on rural areas, especially those who are in the mountains. People who live in these places would be lucky enough to earn much a month to feed their families. Health, poverty, and education these would be what I'll be focusing on for a better world or life in our country. *
    Delores Johnson - 1 + year -
    If I could not fail, I would restructure the economy of every country in the world. I would have a system that no matter what you did, who you were, or where you lived, you would have everything you needed to live comfortably. There would be no shortages, be it food or otherwise. There would be no reason for wars. I would find a way that everyone could worship as they wanted without fear of any type of retaliation. I would give people the ablity to agree to disagree without having to come to blows of a fundemental belief. I guess you could say I would do what the John Lennon Song Imagine is talking about. For years I have wished for peace on earth. It would really be wonderful to see what we coud do if we didn't restrict ourselves the way we do. * Dequiana Brooks Jackson, 10 months,, If I could not fail, I would spend several days a week running group coaching sessions (and some individual sessions) teaching people how to find their purpose in life and pursue it passionately. Whether someone dreams of opening a business, spending more time with family, running for political office, missionary work or whatever, he or she deserves an opportunity to make it happen. On other days I'd be spending time with my husband and kids, traveling and exploring the city. I'd also like to see a system of debt-forgiveness put in place where people could have the chance to start their credit over every 7 years. I've seen so many people unable to attain goals because of bad financial decisions they made when they were younger. Even once the person learns how to be fiscally fit, bad credit can stick with them for a long time.

    John Hardy 10 months, and If I could not fail, I would set up a computer lab where I can teach Microsoft Office skills to children as well as adults. They would be free or very low fee so as not to exclude anybody. I would especially market to those who were not in the job market so as to help them improve their marketablilty. I would work with local businesses in the area to make sure that everyone had a computer. I would also work out an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to get free vouchers for testing and Office 2010 ( or whatever version is out there) on computers. As part of my business, I would hire those people who were certified so I could get a larger clientele to serve.
    * Rhonda Wise, 3 weeks, added my informationto the triangle page. My answer to 'what would I do if I knew that I could not fail' is everything positive to bring a smile on a person's face in all different situations. “I would try, try and keep trying. You see, whether I am successful or I fail, I have learned something from each and every attempt. I would try to provide college education to everyone. I would try to provide premium health coverage for everyone. Anyone with incurable diseases, I would try to find the cure. I would try to undo any handicaps, physically or mentally from anyone. I would try to remove hatred and prejudice from everyone. I would try to remove negativity. I would try to make each person's positive dreams come true. I have heard people say, you are guaranteed two things; life and death. We often forget about the big space in between the two. So, during 'my space', I would try.
    * Nadine Thayer - 3 weeks - If I could not fail, I would start a company/franchise that was dedicated to children having fun - an indoor playhouse/learning/ gathering center. These locations would be not only be in the bigger cities, but in small remote communities. I currently live in an area where we as moms struggle to find things to do. I know that sounds crazy but I live in a 4 season location, and we are subject to McDonalds playland, or each others houses on a rainy/snowy day! The franchise fee would be reasonably priced so that remote communties could take advantage of the concept and vision for the center. Besides story time and guest appearences by your childrens most favorite characters, I would also want to offer something for the parents. I would start with continuing education classes for parents to learn and grow their skills and offer child care during this time. This could encourage the single parent or SAHM to enhance their skills and knowledge and maybe get back out in the workforce, or assist them in finding a job and building thier confidence. I would like to give everyone the opportunity to have a fun, safe place to go to that has a wonderful atmosphere with family, children, learning and growing as the main focus. These centers would be everywhere like Starbucks and McDonalds but unique to their owners/managers and the area that they are located!
    * Teresa White, entering 3rd week with Lifebushido, If I could do anything at all and guarantee that I would not fail, I would create a research facility with a complete finance system to eradicate all life threatening diseases or life altering chronic illnesses and conditions. I would seek out the top scientists and visionaries in their respective medical fields, and then build and finance the world's largest research facility to find the causes of all types of disease and chronic illnesses and conditions. The successful results of the studies conducted by these brilliant minds would be shared worldwide with all nations and people to cure and ultimately prevent future cases of any affliction. Part of the facility staff would use their skills and passion to promote and focus solely on making the treatments and cures available to all people from all walks of life, all ages, all income levels and treatments would be provided at no cost to the individual, since my facility would have established funding to indefinitely provide this service. The ultimate goal would be the creation of vaccines to prevent future disease, much like the invention of current vaccines has done to change our health since the early ages of our nation. Having been diagnosed with MS in 2010, and seeing first hand the data on the condition, as well as being a part of the research studies on this disease, I know that the science exists to find not just treatments, but ultimately cures for a multitude of diseases and conditions. If I were able to find the right scientific minds and allow them to pursue their passion for science with unlimited access to tools needed to study their medical specialties, I have no doubt that we would one day be able to live in a healthier world without disease or chronic illness affliction.
    Monthly Question - September 2012 - Ishido Survey Questions
    We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.
    * This month is a very serious question which has been on my mind and bugging me for months. This relates to Lifebushido Vision. * Lifebushido creates business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures. Mainly we spend time and focus on business stuff which gets clients paying for our services and pays the bills and pays payroll. But my passion is for the creative and social entrepreneurial ventures as well, which are not moving along as fast as planned or with interest/energy from Ishidos. * My gut is that 10-30% of Ishidos are proud of being part of Lifebushido for those aspects, but I am not sure and I do not see growing involvement. Lifebushido Triangles is part of my vision of how this could work, but we have not reached take-off. The goal is this grows and runs by Ishidos and not driven by me alone. * Get in my head and help sort this out. I am not interested in why this will not work. I KNOW that there are Ishidos who are and could be passionate about this and I do not care whether it is 5 Ishidos or 50 Ishidos - I just want to get some forward motion. Business-revenue alone does not cut it for me. I want to contribute and make something better and help bring people together to make stuff better. * All time spent on these efforts are optional non-paid. Lifebushido sometimes puts up money for some aspects or expenses or marketing. * Questions: * Do you personally want to be a part of creative or social entrepreneurial ventures at Lifebushido? If so, which types and would you like to contribute 1 hour per month, 1 hour per week, or 1 hour per day? * Out of 100 Ishidos, how many do you think would be up to doing 1 hour per week on some overall group projects? Imagine what powerful and helpful things we could do to help other people if we had 100 sharp Ishidos doing just 1 hour per week of something. * What current or future Lifebushido ventures are most likely to get forward consistent kaizen from growing group of Ishidos and how is it likely to happen? * Open-ended - what am I missing or what are we all missing? * Deadline 10th of month at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by 15th of month. * Have fun! * Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
    Answers Here
    * Put your name, years at Lifebushido, link to your Ishido Web Page if you have one, link to your Triangle page if you are a member and answer below at bottom of list. * Steve Kantor, etc etc etc…
    Abhishek Mall
    * Do you personally want to be a part of creative or social entrepreneurial ventures at Lifebushido? *
    Yes - Definitely 120% * If so, which types and would you like to contribute 1 hour per month, 1 hour per week, or 1 hour per day? * 5 hours a week * Out of 100 Ishidos, how many do you think would be up to doing 1 hour per week on some overall group projects? * All - Everyone * Imagine what powerful and helpful things we could do to help other people if we had 100 sharp Ishidos doing just 1 hour per week of something? * In today's world where we are all across the world doing work in our own working hours - Lifebushido can boast of a workforce which can be present 24×7 throughout the day. This leads to my first insight - The work has to be related to internet and using the power of internet. With our workforce, which seems to be Average or above Average intelligence we can contribute to education and educating the young minds and as already emphasized by me, work on creating a global curriculum for K12. * Most of the fundamentals are same and if everyone can pin in their inputs by creating unique content - We can have substantial traffic on our site. The question is - Would this be a social project ? - My answer is yes - We would be providing step by step guidelines to students who sit in different parts of the world and get educated free only at the cost of an internet connection - We should be pioneers in Home School kids. Since we have a huge population from WFHM - we can be rest assured that Lower school curriculum can easily be done. Every mom has her own recipe for teaching her young ones those tricks and shortcuts in Math and Science. * With 100 hours a week we can have 200 topic content pages per week and 800 solid content pages every month. * What current or future Lifebushido ventures are most likely to get forward consistent kaizen from growing group of Ishidos and how is it likely to happen? * Consistent Kaizen would be tough with a global workforce since we need to standardize process for everyone to be on the same page. Such type of work environment stymies kaizen. However, having said that, I still see Kaizen happening in WLRs where we have started using Zero Reports to flag mails. Our mission should be to do WLR for every Real Estate agent in the whole of US and world. Also many clients would want Daily or Fortnightly Lead reports - We can definitely provide that. * Open-ended - what am I missing or what are we all missing? * For me Lifebushido is mainly into being a Real Estate strategic support function. What we all are missing is that there is a whole wide world out there. We have talent who can help in Data Analysis, MIS creation or creating creative punchlines for big firms. What I want to emphasize is that we can be a one stop solution for everything. We need to have a database of our human resources main skills. If I am good with Operations, someone else would be good with Analysis. * Also we need to dig into other businesses - Currently content creation is catching up on internet - I am not sure if Lifebushido is into it or not - but if it is not then why so? We should be in every business which can be work-from-home - Whether it is transcription job or data entry or content creation or creative advertising or copyrighting - Anything in the world - Lifebushido should be there.
    * Wendy Bingaman, 1.5 years at Lifebushido, Spark Triangle - Co-Leader. * Do you personally want to be a part of creative or social entrepreneurial ventures at Lifebushido?
    Yes. * If so, which types and would you like to contribute 1 hour per month, 1 hour per week, or 1 hour per day? * Both ventures offer exciting opportunities and I would be open to both. I would be able to contribute 1 hour a week to a project. * Out of 100 Ishidos, how many do you think would be up to doing 1 hour per week on some overall group projects? * I hope all would be willing. * What current or future Lifebushido ventures are most likely to get forward consistent kaizen from growing group of Ishidos and how is it likely to happen? * Marketing and Hiring. Both are ever changing. There are so many things and ways a business can be marketed both for Lifebushido and for clients. The growth could be phenomenal with the right ventures. Increasing the quantity and quality of talent to do this will help kaizen and streamline processes. * Open-ended - what am I missing or what are we all missing? * Goals. Direction. Focus. Right now there are individual goals set within Triangles, but then it sort of stops. Projects need to continue to give individuals a reason to participate. Set up Lifebushido venture goals for this to occur. Have contests among Triangles and their ventures. Feature this in newsletters, Facebook, blogs, local newspapers (depending on venture), etc. Get the word out about what Lifebushido is doing and how it benefits the participants, the community, businesses, etc.
    Sebrina Maae, 9 months at Lifebushido
    * Do you personally want to be a part of creative or social entrepreneurial ventures at Lifebushido?
    No. * If so, which types and would you like to contribute 1 hour per month, 1 hour per week, or 1 hour per day? * I would not be able to contribute any time as of now. * Out of 100 Ishidos, how many do you think would be up to doing 1 hour per week on some overall group projects? * I think 80 Ishidos may be willing. * What current or future Lifebushido ventures are most likely to get forward consistent kaizen from growing group of Ishidos and how is it likely to happen? * I think marketing is a good one to start with. There are endless possibilites with marketing, depending on how creative the Ishidos are. * Open-ended - what am I missing or what are we all missing? * At this point I am not sure what is missing. I certainly don't want to copy anyones work but I really like whatAbhishek Mall had to say for this question.
    Joanne Engel, I have been with Lifebushido for one year. I am with Creative Spark Triangle – Visionary
    * Do you personally want to be a part of creative or social entrepreneurial ventures at Lifebushido? If so, which types and would you like to contribute 1 hour per month, 1 hour per week, or 1 hour per day? *
    I would be interested in working on both types of ventures. I could devote at least one hour per week to it. * Out of 100 Ishidos, how many do you think would be up to doing 1 hour per week on some overall group projects? Imagine what powerful and helpful things we could do to help other people if we had 100 sharp Ishidos doing just 1 hour per week of something? * Most or all of the Ishidos I know would probably be willing to do this. * What current or future Lifebushido ventures are most likely to get forward consistent kaizen from growing group of Ishidos and how is it likely to happen? * I think things that would stimulate them intellectually would be most likely. Of course some are more interested in the technological side of things, and some in the philosophical side. Projects that required the talents of a cross-section of interests would foster cooperation among a larger group. * Open-ended - what am I missing or what are we all missing? * Perhaps a broadening of categories in services is what we’re missing. We seem to focus on a narrow set of target clients. I think we could begin using the technology available to the advantage of more people. I’m thinking about ghost writing, proofing, editing, for a large variety of potential clients. There are people who have to write theses for college, but are deficient in the language arts. We could help them. There are frustrated writers out there who have good ideas, but don’t have the skills to expound on them. And that’s just the beginning. Advertising, in any field can be another area where we can break ground. With the talents of people in our organization, and the virtual proximity we have, the sky’s the limit!
    John Hardy- 9 months(December 2011) Ishido webpage Triangle is Discovery
    * Do you personally want to be part of any social/creative entrepreneurial ventures and how much time would you be willing to devote?
    I am working on Coffee Stories with two other people. It has not been approved. I will devote at least 1 hour daily to it ( I am working with Delores Johnson and Donna Mills) I would also be interested in Lifebushido University as well for 1 hour /week or month whichever is greater. * Out of 100 ishidos, how many would be up to devoting at least 1 hour/week. Ideally, all of them, but 50-75 would be outstanding. * Which current or future ventures are likely to get consistent forward kaizen and how is it likely to happen. Definitely, Coffee Stories as ishidos will be given the opportunity to contribute stories to the next edition of the book ( FTR - the book is available on for .99 on Kindle). I also think hiring will be a consistently moving venture as well. * Open-ended-what am I ( we) missing. Maybe expanding outside the real estate industry. I am about to form a business partnership ( actually a work-share) with someone who is a VA , but not in RE. I think students are a good market since we have an MBA VI venture as well as writers. There are some talented people in LB who would greatly benefit other people. * For additional information about Coffee Stories go to and
    Gaylene Lambson – 3 years, 10 months,
    Do you personally want to be a part of creative or social entrepreneurial ventures at Lifebushido? If so, which types and would you like to contribute 1 hour per month, 1 hour per week, or 1 hour per day? I definitely want to be a part of both creative and social entrepreneurial ventures. I can contribute at least 1 hour per week; more on some weeks depending on my school schedule. * Out of 100 Ishidos, how many do you think would be up to doing 1 hour per week on some overall group projects? Imagine what powerful and helpful things we could do to help other people if we had 100 sharp Ishidos doing just 1 hour per week of something. There should be at least 20 Ishidos willing to do one hour per week of group projects, with about 3-5 of those willing to work an hour per day. Almost all Ishidos should be willing to do one hour per month. We’re all in this (working at home for Lifebushido) because in some way we’re out-of-the-box thinkers. With that kind of with that kind of diversity and with that kind of time, we should be able to make a big dent in a project that will leave some sort of legacy from our time working here. * What current or future Lifebushido ventures are most likely to get forward consistent kaizen from growing group of Ishidos and how is it likely to happen? For current ventures, I think we need to expand upon and develop Orange Passion. That really has an open-ended ceiling, because companies need new ways to market and need to start showing more appreciation for loyal customers. One way to do that is by Customer Advisory Panels – meet with the top customers in a group via the web and get feedback about what can be done to improve; let the best customers “own” the product by being part of its development. In return, give them things they need – get motivational speakers, give them help with things that will matter to them. Win-win. Future ventures? Askshido. Edushido. Spiritshido. All these concepts flying around in my head that need … See below. * Open-ended - what am I missing or what are we all missing? What’s missing is a dedicated coordinator. Someone needs to have the reins on this stuff, a budget to work with, and the skills to make the best of it. That one hour a week/day/month that people commit to has to be efficient in order to get things moving forward. So we need wild creativity from the buncch and someone to tame it into something that works, something that moves forward and makes progress. Many creative people have great ideas but lack the organization to move them forward. What’s needed is the freedom to have those ideas combined with the mechanism to make it happen. It’s a combination of personalities.
    August 2012 - Ishido Survey Questions
    * We will be doing an online survey to the 120+ Ishidos in coming month. * What is the best possible question we can pose to Ishidos for an online survey? I will be selecting 10-20 and one will be the winner of the contest. * The questions may focus on Lifebushido growth, something funny, something interesting that we can compile results for an instant book, feedback to kaizen any aspect of Lifebushido, something creative, etc. etc.
    Answers Here
    * Put your name, years at Lifebushido, link to your Ishido Web Page if you have one, link to your Triangle page if you are a member and answer below at bottom of list. * Steve Kantor, etc etc etc… * Tina S. - 2.5 years - Where in your house is the funniest spot you've had to “hide” from the kids to get any work done? Moms - you know what I'm talking about!! * Erin Disseler, 11 months,, What team have you seen the most improvement from overall in the past 9 months and what were those improvements? *
    Abhishek Mall, 20 months, How has life changed after you are a part of Lifebushido ? * Shawna Beamer, 16 months,,__ What is the most challenging thing that has happened since you began working for Lifebushido and how did you overcome it? * Tracey Bujaki - 10 months - Do you get the opportunity to do what you do best everyday? Explain * Kelly Welch - 3 months;;; What's the oddest thing you've “worn to work” since working with Lifebushido? * Iqra Chuqtai - 3.5 yrs / Do you really believe that “Lifebushido” has been, a simple way to have more time with your family & friends, more time for yourself and more freedom? * Gaylene Lambson, 3 years, 10 months, - Where were you in life when you applied for Lifebushido? * Donna Alrich - 8 months - What is the best free software or other download that you have discovered since you started working for Lifebushido? * Maryse Uriodain - 6 months - How has knowing your Animal Personality Profile help you in identifying your unique talents? * Larraine Kember - 2 months - - Would you refer family and/or friends to Lifebushido? Why or why not? * Crystal Batignani - 5 months - -; What was the most interesting place outside your home where you have worked? * Kim Moler - 1 yr. 11 mos. - What new service what you like to see Lifebushido offer clients and what role would you like to be in? * May Astom - 8months - - What do you think is the best asset that Lifebushido has to offer to clients? * Cherry Angeles - 4 years by August 10th :) - If Lifebushido is an Olympic Sport, what would it be and why? Choose 3 Tasks / Teams or Co-Ishidos / Client as your Gold, Silver and Bronze, as to how they keep your inner being “healthy and fit” as an Ishido and a Person. * Anubha Gupta - 3 months - If given a chance what would be the changes you would like to make in Lifebushido's overall process and why? * Teresa Glenn - 9 months -, What changes, if any, have you made or would like to make within Lifebushido? * Laurie Newman - 3 months -, - Would you be “open” to implementing an idea like Brain Bench testing for each team so the TL would know what level the applicant is at when they apply to the team? * Wendy Kicklighter - 5 months - What are the top 3 things on your bucket list? * Rachel Turnpaugh - 8 months - What makes Lifebushido different than any other position (particularly work at home) you've ever had? * John Hardy- 9 months.- (ishido page) -If you could change anything about the application process for Lifebushido , what would it be and why? Is there anything you feel needs improving and why? * China Franklin -1 month - After taking the Bigger Gains RCI test, Name 3 things you learned about yourself ? * Dequiana Brooks Jackson - 8 months - - - If there was one thing Lifebushido could do to make you double your work hours, what would it be and why? * Melissa E - 5 years - #1 question to ask an ishido on a survey: “How do we find more people like yourself that would want to work for Lifebushido?” :) * Elaine Thigpen - 2 yrs 8 mos.- - - Since working with LIfebushido has it helped you step out of your comfort zone. If so, explain. * Jenn Yates - 6 months - If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? * Delores Johnson - 10 months - , How do you deal with working on-line, juggling family, house work, outside work, me time, ect.? * Sebrina Maae - 8 months - What is one thing you would change about Lifebushido's work process (ie: payroll, communication, work process)? * Bridget Ayeet, 4 months. Lifebushido is about helping people spend more time with their unique talents and abilities. How much has your unique talent grown since you started working for Lifebushido?? * Marilynn Gauthier - 1 Month - Do you have difficulty following directions with Lifebushido? If so, how do you think it can be better explained or simplified?

    ====== Below are prior Monthly Payroll Questions history of questions and winners and entries: ======
    Monthly Question - June 2012 - Lifebushido Funny Story
    We have periodic contest for all Ishidos on payroll with a $100 bonus to the winner with best answer.
    * What is the funniest or funnest thing that has happened at Lifebushido so far? It can be something specific to you or your Team or Lifebushido overall. It can be something you read, said, heard, wiki page, Ishido Web Page, Triangle page, saw, got in the mail, whatever. If there isn't anything so far that was funny or fun, that is totally okay and you can just say so or suggest something fun we could do. Extra credit for links to actual references. * Deadline Friday 6/8/12 at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner by 6/15/12. * Have fun! * Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
    Answers Here
    * Put your name, years at Lifebushido, link to your Ishido Web Page if you have one, link to your Triangle page if you are a member and answer below at bottom of list. * Steve Kantor, etc etc etc… *
    Winner of $100 Contest - Rachel Turnpaugh * Rachel Turnpaugh - 7 months. One week Randi from CS promised brownies to the first person to deliver a testimonial.The next week, Randi said this “First one to get testimonial to me this week, I will ship my 2.5 year old daughter to you for a week, she's a “rare gem” these days, never talks back, minds always and never cops an attitude!!” and included a picture of Riley pouting. *
    Honorable Mentions - Steve LOL * JoAnn Hess, 7 mos: The Marketing team is a crazy bunch of gals but nothing made me laugh harder than back in February when Gaylene announced that her Dog ate her Stepdaughters Fish. This dog managed to balance on a fan, open the lid to a 75-gallon fish tank. grab the biggest goldfish and eat it! The best part, The name of the fish was Steve. This sparked a flurry of commentary and inspired my poem, entitled: “A Fish Named Steve”, * There once was a goldfish named Steve,
    Who swam without care, this lone winter's eve.
    If only the danger was known,
    That night as we left him alone.
    But the dog had a plan,
    to balance on a fan,
    and retrieve a snack of his own.
    So without a sound, Steve fell prey to the hound.
    And now all we can do is grieve,
    For our poor ex-fish, named Steve. * Kelly Welch - 1.5 months I've had my head too deeply buried in training tasks to realize that I've seen or read something amusing, but I have had fun trying to explain to my mother what I now do for a living. So, you're working at a real estate office? No, I'm working from home using the Internet. Oh, have you sold any houses yet? No, I don't sell houses, Mom. I help the people who sell the houses. Oh, and what is the name of the company again? Lifebushido. The houses are in Japan, then? It seemed like a bit of a downward spiral, so I just told her that Steve is Japanese. * Sebrina Maae, 6 months. Funny work story? Hmm. Let me give you a little background…I am married, 4 kids. We all live with my much older, very little English speaking mother in law. She pretty much only speaks Samoan. One day, while my husband was away (hence he couldn't translate), she asked me if I could help fix her breakfast. I said “Wait mom, I have to do some of my work first.” She sat there, staring at me working away on my computer, silent as ever for about 30 minutes. Then she says “SEBRINA” (sternly, impatiently & in the clearest English I have ever heard her speak). The way that only a mother could, that sends chills down your spine because you just KNOW you are in trouble. She asked what I am doing. I replied “working.” She asked “for who?”, I said “it's called Lifebushido”. Then the universe shifted as she started her rant. I will keep this PG but she went on & on (in her native tongue) how she can't believe I would talk to her this way & how she would be calling my husband right away.” I was pretty much in shock. She stormed off, slammed her door & I could hear her yelling on the phone for a good 5 minutes. As I am still sitting in the same spot (as if I am still a child in time out) I hear laughter erupt from her room. I was thinking, well at least she is feeling better. Then she comes in my room & gives me a great big hug, “I'm sorry Bree. You know Mom, I don't understand how to listen you talking to me.” Long story short, apparently Lifebushido, sounds something like “expletive, expletive, expletive”. We both broke out in laughter & must have looked pretty crazy laughing so loudly & crying from laughing so much that ALL my kids started laughing too. Thinking about it still makes me laugh. And of course, my husband still won't let her live that one down. So thanks Steve, without you & Lifebushido we wouldn't have had this GREAT bonding moment & funny memory to look back and laugh at! LOL!!
    * Wendy Bingaman, 1 year, * Email received (I hope this doesn't offend anyone) - Can someone please cover me on Saturday 26th May 2012? I am traveling from one continent to another and do not know whether I will get a
    es to internet immediately so might get messed up.
  • Erin Dissler sent out an email about how to figure out your Blues Name. When we found out our names we emailed each other back and enjoyed what everyone's name would be. We even got into a discussion about whether or not some of us might be related. It was a great way to have fun and a little and break from work. Here is a link to find your Blues Name:
  • Lisa Tynan - 1 year, 9 mos.
  • Just being a member of the Marketing Team means I'll have a laugh at some point. The thing that has been most fun for me so far are the virtual donuts. They always brighten my day! (And they're calorie free!) The funniest thing related to that has to be the picture of the donut queen sent to Gaylene–it just made me laugh out loud! And I know Gaylene was doing the same!
  • On a CS Debrief call with a client who wanted to quit and Steve. The client admitted she works 80 hours a week, pays her buyer and seller agents 50% of commission while she does all the work. Steve asked her what her net profit was for last year. When she asked her husband, who is her business partner, he said that her 1099 was $7000. Steve asked if her if her husband was there. She said yes and Steve said “Tell him he might want to hang up the phone becasue I am starting trouble.”
  • The time I received a large padded manilla envelope in the mail from Steve. It appeared he cleaned off his desk and sent it all to me. I understand I am not the only to receive such a package :)
  • John Hardy- 6 months. The funniest thing I think I have discovered here is the glossary that Steve sent us and includes in the newsletter every month. It is funny that terms used for bodily functions which you would either hear said in a college dorm (puke) or a nursery school ( poo) are used as jargon here at the company. I am referring to pukeshido and wikipoo. The latter sounds like what my 7 year old niece or 3 year old nephew would say. It is great however , that these tems can describe something good. For the record , here is the link
  • Erin Disseler, 9 months,, In Marketing we are a tight knit group of gals, and we frequently ask one another for Mom advice, parenting questions, product referalls etc. A few days ago Tina asked if anyone had a trombone to sell to her for her 6th grader wanting to play in band. A lot of people answered back saying no, but they did have some other sort of instrument. One person had a LOT of instruments, and said they were just 1 instrument shy of being The Partridge family! The conversation quickly turned to “hey, I remember the partridge family, we're getting old!”. I chimed in saying I remember it too, having watched it on reruns on Nick at Nite as a kid. Lisa poking fun at me being a young one said “Someone get me my cane!”. I sent her an awesome picture of a cane with flame decorations on it, but Julie topped mine with one that had flowers and folded 3 times!!! Somewhere in the mix, Mary Terry told a story of how she couldn't read sheet music as a 6th grader and decided to beat her flute on the sidewalk, where the flute met its horrible demise. Tina shared her thoughts of nightmares of Mary getting mad, and a low, horrible flute playing outside her window, and what fun Mary would've had with a tuba! Julie sang the Partridge family songs, and she and Lisa reminisced on Adam 12 and Dark Shadows. I have no idea what those are though. :-) AND IT ALL STARTED WITH A SIMPLE REQUEST OF A TROMBONE FOR SALE.
  • Raquel Mclean, 7 months, I have heard some of the most funniest jokes when I was a KA and on the monthly Friday calls. One funny story was showing off the lifebushido web site to my husband and how it was a professional work at home job, And the music from the page start playing (Blondie), My husband looks at me and says well someone likes to have fun.
  • Tina S. - 2.5 yrs - gosh …. with Marketing Group there are too many funny stories to mention and some that just cannot be repeated (Joann, Gaylene, Julie and Jen are party to that one and know it as Jen said I should post. LOL) Most recently, yesterday I innocently asked a lot of ppl from Marketing and other teams if anyone had a trombone to sell. Our crazy marketing team made sure to follow suite with all the instruments they DID have, how we could be the Partridge Family (sans tamborine) and go on tour, to remembering the good 'ole days, to the dark side of Mary Terry, and on and on …. never a dull moment!! In fact, as I was sitting down to type this, my 2 year old wandered into the pantry and just walked out with a package of unmade jello, bitten hole in bag, and red mouth, saying (with mouth full of jello powder) saying “mmm… me make my own lunch look (shaking head rapidly) and than said “this taste just like jello when I swish it with my spit” (as talking, red drool dripping down chin) - gotta go!! LOL
  • Amanda McNier- 8 months - There are two funny stories that stick out to me. I hope you'll find them at least slightly amusing also. Lol 1. I was doing Buyer Lead calling for a client. When the lead answered, it was an elderly gentleman. I told him I was touching base with him on his real estate search. He immediately cut me off and said, “Listen honey, I wasn't trying to buy a house. I'm almost 80 years old and I've been in this house for many years. I'll be here til I die. The only reason you have my name is because I need to know who owns this house next to me because they don't live there and they have let this yard get out of hand…” He rambled on for a while about the state of the neighbor's yard and how agitated he was. I tried to interrupt a few times, but he wasn't having it. Lol… guess he just needed to get that off of his chest. 2. My husband absolutely loves that I work for a company Lifebushido. He's very into Martial Arts and Asian Culture. So, he likes to have fun with the company name. One day, we were sitting at dinner with our 2 children. Someone, I can't remember if it was me or the kids, was telling a story. I guess my husband thought the story was ridiculous, so what he *meant* to say was “Bull-shi-do!” But what came out was “Bull-shi*-o!” As soon as he said it, his eyes got all big and the kids had a fit. They kept saying, “Dad! I can't believe you cussed at us!” All he could say was, “That's not what I meant to say.” Lol, and all I could do was crack up.
  • Gaylene Lambson, 3 years, 8 months, 21 days. Well, today I gave Tina a hard time for forgetting to copy the people she was talking to in the email and at the same time sent a team test to an applicant. It seems I forgot to copy the applicant! As mentioned before, earlier my dog ate Steve. Left ALL the other fish in the big, 75-gallon fish tank but ate STEVE. We are all still recovering from that traumatic experience. Steve has been replaced - that's right, replaced by “The Fish With No Name” (for those who are of sufficient years, you'll remember the famous Horse with No Name in the song). Evidently, The Fish with No Name should join the circus because he knows how to play dead. Floats on the top of the water upside down for a bit, then goes swimming off. I'm convinced he is attempting to avoid the same fate as poor Steve, the Fish. Funny things happen daily on the marketing team and are usually followed by donuts. We all have a blast working at Lifebushido!
  • Alane Ip, 1 month - Today at work (work in security at the airport) and guy came through the checkpoint and when he took his shoes off, his feet smelled terrible. So the lady in front of him (without saying anything) turned around and sprayed him and his feet with very strong perfume. He began yelling and yelling at her. When this all stopped, she went through and before he could get on the other side she was spraying his shoes! We were all kind of laughing!
  • Kaurika Belk- 2 weeks ans 3 days-If I could not fail I would get a non-profit organization going to house all Homeless women and children. I would provide any and all type of assistance with job placement or applying for the correct resources for those who absolutely couldn't work. After building one main facility I would travel the United States building more free standing buildings to house/shelter homeless women and children. After doing this for a few years I would then collect the tenants of the majority of the shelters who have yet to find anything that they are interested in doing to make a living and go around the world building small houses for people who are homeless in their countries as well and building wells for fresh running water. No task to big once I get the ball rolling!


Monthly Question - January 2012
Write the best one line sentence description of Lifebushido starting the sentence with Lifebushido. Lifebushido…
The sentence could either be describing Lifebushido to a prospective real estate agent client, a prospective small business entrepreneur, a venture capitalist looking to invest in the company to speed growth, your 6 year old child, your friends, your family, a stranger you meet in a coffee shop and strike up a conversation and have an instantly deep connection, or anyone else.
Deadline Friday 1/6/12 at 5pm. Winner gets $100 bonus. Steve will pick winner on Monday.
Have fun.
Feel free to tell fellow Ishidos about contest who may not read their email as quickly as you do. :)
Put your name and answer below at bottom of list.

The Lifebushido one line descriptions have been moved and chunked into various types of answers

Winners - January 2012 Contest
Steve has selected winner for the contest. Instead of one winner of $100 bonus, Steve has selected the following three winners. I encourage you to congratulate them yourselves directly with a call or email. Everyone provided great answers and you can see the power of crowdsourcing and diversity of ideas. It was a tough choice and there are various reasons why I selected the answers below. Congratulations to Lavern, Jennifer, and Rachel!

  • Lavern Edwards , 1 year and 10 months, Not In Triangle: Lifebushido is a unique company that gives real estate agents access to a team of talented virtual assistants to help agents free up their time and to grow their business.
  • Jennifer Young, 5 years with Lifebushido, TriPents Triangle: Lifebushido is an amazing group of people that work together to make the dreams of entrepreneurs a reality.
  • Rachel Turnpaugh - 1 month, Prosperity Triangle - Lifebushido gives the work that one person doesn't like to someone who loves doing it.

Business - Real Estate Assistants

  • Cynthia Hall, 3 months with Lifebushido, Kinzei Triangle: Lifebushido is a top-notch service providing virtual assistants to real estate agents who want to maximize their productivity by focusing on what they do best and using Lifebushido virtual assistants to handle all the things that they know need to be taken care of but as an agent they do not have the time or skills to accomplish.
  • Wendy Bingaman, .5 years, Triangle: Kasei, Lifebushido succeeds by using unique talents to provide prime services for launching the growth of real estate agents and other business entrepreneurs.

  • Ally Buttrey, almost 2 years, not in a triange - LifeBushido is a company that provides virtual assistants to real estate agents and companies.
  • Cynthia Moore - - 1 year, 6 months, Lotus Triangle -Lifebushido is a company that provides qualified people the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home while using their unique talents, providing a convenient service to top Real Estate agents who desire to organize and grow their business.
  • Molle McGregor, 1 year, Not in Triangle: Lifebushido enables real estate agents and entrepreneurs to leverage the unique talents of diverse professionals for dynamic business growth and success.
  • Ruqayya Hussain- 4 months, Out of the box: Lifebushido is a unique way of business, enabling realtors to grow faster and provides employers a rare experience with creativity , flexibility and exploring their unique talents.

Business Small Entrepreneurs

  • Dequiana Brooks Jackson, 0 years and 1 month with Lifebushido, Prosperity Triangle - Lifebushido uses the unique gifts of its employees to increase the time, revenue and productivity of its small business clients.
  • Julie J., 2 years+5 days; Not in a Triangle; Lifebushido releases each individual's uniqueness and creativity by providing talented virtual assistants for skilled business people.
  • Sandra Short - 2+months, Cerebral Lifebushido's Best Virtual Assistant Services will Open Doors for you in 2012 with expert assistants to manage your business so you can become a Top Producer in your field.
  • Amber Good, 2 years, Ikenu Troika: Lifebushido is a company made up of individuals working from their homes and using their talents for the benefit of the small businesses who need their assistance in Real Estate or general Office Administration.

Lifebushido Vision

  • May Astom, 1 month, Not yet in Triangle: Lifebushido - anything is possible as long as you have the passion.
  • Melissa Batterman, 2 Years and 5 days, Not in a Triangle: Lifebushido is the motivation and the work clothes that makes ideas and dreams become reality.
  • JoAnn Hess, 2 months, Not in a triangle: Lifebushido creates collaborative partnerships by utilizing global talent from those with unique abilities and matching them to those with specific needs, proving that innovative use of technology can truly put the world at your fingertips.
  • Gaylene Lambson - 3 years, 2 months, not in triangle - Lifebushido is concept of infinite possibility, sewn together by the talents of those who make it happen.
  • Jen H. - 3 years, 20 days, Squashidos - Lifebushido provides the opportunity to showcase our Unique Talents, creating the perfect job, and setting goals all while helping our clients grow their business and prove that “Anything is Possible”.
  • Shaveta Bansal - 6 years, Not In Triangle: Lifebushido is driven by a relentless desire to help its clients and people while maintaining its core values -L - Loyalty; I - Integrity; F - Freedom; E - Efficiency; B - Boldness; U - Uprightness; S - Sincerity; H - Honor; I - Illustriousness; D - Devotion; O - Openess
  • Bridget Sweat, 1 month, Gnossos Triangle: Lifebushido serves as a gateway for providing avant-garde ideas to the world at large.
  • May Astom, 1 month, Not yet in Triangle: Lifebushido - anything is possible as long as you have the passion

Ishidos - Lifebushido for Ishidos

  • Tina S., 2 years (hire date 1/5/2010 - 2 years today), not in triangle: Lifebushido is not only a company, but a team of friends committed to helping others (and each other) succeed.
  • Raquel Mclean, 2 months, Prosperity Triangle: Lifebushido means Diversity and showcasing your unique talents!
  • Marlo Young, 5months Creative Spark: Lifebushido is a spiritual pulling of your talents from deep within bringing them into an existing and visual state of contact and connection.
  • Paula Greilinger, almost 4 years, Not in a Triangle; Lifebushido is work at home company that nurtures a family friendly work environment for virtual assistants.
  • Kim Kurylo, 2 years with Lifebushido, not currently in a triangle. Lifebushido - the company that provides virtual assistants so you can spend more of your time on your unique talent or your favorite leisure activity.
  • Kim Moler - 1 year and 4 months, Koishido Triangle - Lifebushido is a VA company committed to growing the lives, businesses and personal goals of all those it touches.
  • Pennie Packard - 3 years - Proshidos Triangle - Lifebushido gives all its uniquely talented Ishidos an equal opportunity to do the type of work that they enjoy and can excel at, in the timeframe and amount that they choose, all the while enabling Ishidos to put their families first.
  • Amanda McNier- 2 months, Budo 3rd Triangle - Lifebushido is a company that provides a legitimate opportunity for those who seek employment from home; it allows you to focus in on what you're genuinely good at and use those skills to benefit others.
  • Kim Waggoner- 3 years and counting- Chikara triangle- Lifebushido is the company that allows me to be with my boys, help my family financially, use my unique talents and gives me the chance to work with some of the most talented people from around the world… all from the comfort of my own home, oh and can I please add some mini chocolate donuts to go with that Venti Breakfast Blend?
  • Tarannum Mohamedy - 5 years, not in triangle - Lifebushido is an opportunity to think out of the box, to grow together, to define your uniqueness, to share & care, to be there for your family, to be happy & content, and it surely doesn't come with its value stamped on it.
  • Morgan Henson - 7 months, Voila Triangle: Lifebushido has been a blessing to me and my family.
  • Tomica Bonner - 3 months, Not in Triangle: Lifebushido uses the Triangle concept to enable us to form groups on a social platform allowing us to work together as a team and yet to still be able to showcase our individual creative talents.
  • Delores Johnson - 3 months, Cerebral Alchemist, Lifebushido is the most challenging, learning, fun I have had in a long time.
  • Cindy Crocker - 3 years, Not In Triangle: Lifebushido allows me to balance work and home life, and live my life in complete synchronicity.
  • Zeena Thomas - 7 months, Not in Triangle: Lifebushido gives me flexibility to work around my life - instead of living my life around work.
  • Gretchen Parks- 5.5 years, Not in Triangle: Lifebushido is the reason why I can stay home and communicate with people and clients all over the country to make a difference in their lives and businesses while some days never leaving my own house or even changing out of my pajamas.
  • Joya Soell - 3.5 years, Not in Triangle: Lifebushido is a w same!
  • onderful network of individuals from all over that share their unique talents to partner in the success of real estate agents, while having the gift of being available to care for their families.
  • Monica Vergara, 1 month, Not yet in a triangle. Lifebushido is an opportunity to grow, to love, to keep bussy, to share and to enjoy more your life.
  • Cindy Vance, 1 month, Discovery Triangle: Lifebushido is a crazy experience that is totally exciting.
  • Melissa Eades - 4 yrs, No Triangle - From my 10 year old when asked what Lifebushido is: “I don't know what Lifebushido means but my dad says it has something to do with the art of peace, but it sounds like a really good job and I know it's a Realtor business. I know that my mom is on the computer a lot when I want to play my games and she won't let me on there.”
  • Susan Johnson - 7 months, Out of the Box, Lifebushido gives creative individuals a way to share their unique talents, while getting paid to do it!
  • Linda Coombs-4 months, Not in a triangle, Lifebushido allows people who are at home unique opportunity to work part time, with flexible hours, and where they can feel useful and contribute income to their families.
  • John Hardy- 2 months- Discovery Triangle. Lifebushido is a unique opportunity to use the skills you have without having to hear that you are not qualified for the position. It also gives me the opportunity to use my computer training certfications in a way that benefits others.

Other - Unsure how to Group

  • Iqra Chuqtai - 2years - Not in a Triangle –Lifebushido doesn't mean the absence of failures ; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle.


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