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This is for Ishidos as details of Lifebushido non-compete policy.
This is designed to be details for anyone working with Lifebushido and description of Employment Agreement details.
Email Steve if questions/comments/issues.
If you have other examples/situations, please ask.

Non Compete Agreement
While working with Lifebushido, some Ishidos will choose to work other positions. We do not discourage people from contracting or being employed elsewhere, but the interest of the company as a whole, as well as the ability for current contractors to maintain hours we require all to agree not to solicit or to become employed with current clients or sales leads for the term of one year after formal resignation or termination from the company.

What situations are not acceptable:

  • Solicitation of work to current or former clients of Lifebushido
  • Acceptance of work for a current or past clients of Lifebushido
  • Working directly for current or past clients of Lifebushido through another VA agency
  • Sharing of names of current or past clients to a third party for the solicitation of services
  • Sharing names of current leads in the Lifebushido sales pipeline
  • If you are approached by a former or current client and offered employment or sub contracting work, you should notify Steve Kantor immediately. Our clients allow us to provide hours to current Ishidos. If one Ishido starts working directly for a client, it reduces the hours of other Ishidos, so not only does it impact the company as an entity, but it effects all current Ishidos.
  • At Lifebushido, we keep in touch with our past clients, and we continually attempt to revive them and bring them back on board. Each client that returns provides more workable hours for current Ishidos. Solicitation or referral of these clients directly decreases potential future work hours for current Ishidos.
  • Upon termination or resignation from the company, Ishidos will not engage in work related conversations with any past or current clients of Lifebushido for the period of one year. If an Ishido obtains employment or work from another similar agency, and they have a mutual clients, it is not appropriate to work directly with that client.
  • Everything applies to both real estate and non-real estate related clients.

Case Scenarios
A Client refers to a former/current client of Lifebushido based on employment agreement section.
The following situations are acceptable:

  • You get an in-house real estate assistant job with a real estate agent who is not a Client of LB.
  • You work directly for a real estate agent doing virtual assistant work who is not a Client of LB.
  • You work for another virtual assistant company for an agent who is not a Client of LB.
  • You work for another VA company and you are assigned a client that was a Client of LB. You inform your immediate supervisor of conflict of interest and non-compete agreement with LB and either not do work with that client, or inform Steve Kantor. In some cases, Steve Kantor may waive the non-compete agreement to allow work with a specific Client.
  • You have private direct real estate assistant clients before starting with LB and you continue to do work for them. You must disclose the private client names to LB so there is no confusion or concern with Client/Leads of LB. LB will not solicit direct clients of Ishidos so the non-compete is mutual.

Not Acceptable
The following situations are not acceptable. Actions by Ishido which are Not Acceptable are a violation of this agreement and will lead to legal action by LB.

  • A Client approaches you to work directly for them privately and not through LB. You should inform LB immediately. In addition, the Client is in violation of their Service Agreement with LB which states: “Client will not solicit or do any business with any Best Agent Business staff for a period of one year from last payment.” LB will also pursue action against the Client.
  • You leave LB and solicit or do work for Client of LB, whether you had worked with them directly or not.
  • You share Client/Lead lists/information with anyone outside of LB such as competing parties.
  • You start working for a VA firm and find out they have Clients from LB and do work for those Clients via the other company without getting explicit written waiver from Steve Kantor.
  • You work in-house for a Client of LB prior to end of one-year non-compete agreement without explicit written permission of Steve Kantor. Sometimes, this may be viable and mutually beneficial for company and Ishido.
  • You cannot solicit or be involved in soliciting current LB staff to work with you or another real estate virtual assistant company. You should not persuade or encourage Ishidos to leave LB for other employment. Working from home, people will network and share job leads, and it is fine to refer Ishidos to other opportunities to fulfill hourly needs that LB cannot offer.
  • If there is a situation that exists before starting with LB or that occurs during or within one year after working with LB that is unclear, you will contact Steve Kantor immediately to discuss the situation.


  • While working with LB, it is acceptable to post on your LinkedIn, website, Facebook or other social media pages that you are working with Lifebushido or Best Agent Business. Once you stop work for LB, you should update social media to make clear you are no longer working with Lifebushido and it is listed as past company.
  • You will hold all company information, lists, and data confidential and not discuss company matters with other parties outside of LB.
  • All systems you create for LB or any clients are property of LB and you cannot use for any other purpose or share with any other parties after leaving LB. Anything you create on your own, for another company, client or your own business is your own property and not included in this clause.

Any questions, ask Steve.

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