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Updated: 1/19/2015
By: Melodee Rinkel

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This is the wiki page for payroll - On-boarding internal instructions.
Objective: Have simple processes put together by end of week so we can begin Beta testing by Friday (1/22)

Table of Contents

x--Instructions for New Hire On-BoardingAction Items for Team:

  • Melodee Rinkel will be lead for On-Boarding Tasks
  • Wendy Bingaman will be lead for New Hire Tasks
  • Tracey Bujaki will be lead for Beta Testing and Audit Tasks
  • Steve will have master login and create shared log-in for Talent Team access.

Instructions for New Hire On-Boarding

  • Staffing Pro is our New Hire On-Boarding System. When a new employee is hired, we will need the below information and it will be manually entered into the On-Boarding System:
  • Employee Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Position Name/Job Title
  • Location (City, ST)

  • Once their information is entered into the system, we will choose which Process the Employee will complete for their On-Boarding (Different processes are created based on Job Title, i.e. Caller, Key Assistant, Marketing Assist, etc.)
  • Employee will receive an email notification that there are New Hire/On-Boarding Tasks for them to complete in the system.
  • The UN and PW they choose during the On-Boarding will not be the same UN and PW they will choose for the Payroll side of the system.
  • Employee will complete their On-Boarding process themselves. The below are the On-Boarding sections:
  • Welcome message
  • SSN/Legal Name
  • List of docs
  • Direct Deposit
  • Documents upload
  • Federal Income Tax
  • State Income Tax
  • EEO
  • Documents for Download/Print/Sign
  • Policy Acknowledgment
  • Handbook
  • Form I9 Design
  • Closing Message
  • Once completed, signing manager will send the information over to the Payroll side of the system (This is completed once a month)

Action Items for Team:


  • Decide what processes you want different (New Hire, Caller, etc.)
  • Do you want different/separate processes for each individual team?
  • Do we need a basic document that asks for the above Employee Information so we can enter then new employee?


  • Ensure wiki page is up and functioning
  • Put together list of tasks that should be included in Recruit and/or Triangle processes that we can add to the system, but are not sent to Payroll side.
  • Put together spreadsheet to include what sections/fields should be included and what their field source are (i.e. Words, drop down options, documents, etc.)
  • Put together 3 of the funniest 1 sentence policies we can include in the Policy Acknowledgment section.


  • Put together list of Month 1 Tasks that can be added as a New Process in the OB system.
  • New Hire - Start Up Steps
  • Email Standard (set up signature)
  • Send blank email to join Ishido Training List.
  • New Hire Tasks - Information/Content for Mail Packet
  • Send 7 Daily Emails (perhaps eliminated or at minimum revised where this is a process under each Team and who to include on these daily emails each day)
  • New Hire Tasks - Not Required for Packet
  • Put together 3 of the funniest 1 sentence policies we can include in the Policy Acknowledgment section.


  • Put together 3 of the funniest 1 sentence policies we can include in the Policy Acknowledgment section.
  • Review, Audit and Test new Processes
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