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verview ==== * All forms should be completed and mailed to Lifebushido no later than the 20th of the month to ensure payroll processing. * This process should take no more than 1-2 hours. * This page contains all instructions, forms and links for Ishido's to complete the transition from 1099 to W2 employee. * Please follow the instructions carefully, refer to any links needed and do not hesitate to ask any questions. * If you have questions, please email - this email address goes to Steve and the Payroll Assistant, currently Tracey Bujaki * Steve or Tracey will respond to your question. * Instructional Video —- ==== Ishido - Database Instructions ==== We have recently added a few more fields in the Ishido Database.
* Visit: to edit your Ishido DB
FIRST. The following fields have been added and are mandatory to complete:
* Social Security Number * Date of Birth * Date Ishido Updated
Legal First Name and Legal Last Name are only required if your name is different from the name that is on your supporting documents (i.e. this may be due to a marriage or divorce for most people)

Once you have updated your Ishido record, you will then check the box for 'Ishido Checkoff 1' to confirm that your record is up to date.
—- ====
Ishidos - Payroll Instructions ====
The following forms will need to be filled out
with black ink only and received in the mail by Lifebushido no later than the 20th of the month
- W-4 tax form - I-9 form - Bank Deposit form - Signed Employment Agreement
Instructions for each form, along with links and explanations are listed below.

*Please note* - it is important that all forms should be mailed in one package. We may ask for any additional documents to be scanned and emailed, but the original package should contain the forms below in one package. Forms should be put in the order as listed above.

* Package should be mailed to: * Steve Kantor, President * Lifebushido * 4835 Cordell Ave., Apt. 1105 * Bethesda, MD 20814 * Once your package is received in the mail, Steve will email you a confirmation that it was received. —- ====
1. W-4 tax form ==== * The W-4 form can be found and printed from here: Black Ink Only!! * OVERVIEW: The purpose of the W-4 form is to tell the Federal government and your local State government how many exemptions/allowances you choose to have withheld from your paycheck. The more allowances you put, the less taxes will be taken out. The less allowances you have, the more taxes will be taken out. For Example, You can claim ZERO Dependents and file at the higher Single rate to have the most tax possible taken out. If you find that this is not enough for your needs then please add an aditional amount to be withdrawn on that field. Read over the form and follow the directions to help you determine how many allowances are right for you. State Taxes - each state is different and some states require employee's to pay state income tax as well as federal. Please be aware of your individual state requirements. For help with this, you can visit your state's IRS web page here: * You will need to print out and complete the form. * We only need Page 1 - no need to mail the instructional page. * The following fields are mandatory: * First and Last Name * Social Security Number * Home Address * City, ST, Zip Code * Marital Status * Number of allowances you are claiming (1-10) * Additional Amount (if any) you request be withheld * Total number of allowances (1-10) * Signature * Date * Employee does not need to complete lines 8, 9, and 10 (Employer Section) * Page 2 does not need to be sent. ==== 2. I-9 Form ==== * The I-9 form can be found and printed from here: http://wfile:/// Black Ink Only!! * Click on the second option on the list. The paper version, print it, and fill out all of Section 1. Then Bring your proof documents with you an the Notary will fill out section 2. * OVERVIEW: The I-9 form is to determine each employee's eligibility to work for a US based company. Lifebushido participates in E-verify. This will require a notarization. Your bank or financial institution should have a notary and normally does not charge their own account holders for notarizing documents. You will need to fill out the form, have the notary public make copies of your supporting documents for you and have the notary witness you sign the I-9 form, as well as have the supporting documents page notarized. The actual I-9 form does not need to be notarized, only the page that contains copies of the supporting documents. * The following fields are mandatory for the employee: * Name * Other Names * Address, City, ST, Zip * Date of Birth * Social Security Number * Citizenship Status * Signature * Date * Telephone number (optional -but recommended) * Email address (optional - but recommended) * For a list of acceptable documents see Page 9:
* The following fields are mandatory for the notary public to fill out: * Section 2: Employer or Authorized Representative Review and Verification * Fill out the section for supporting documents that are presented to them for attestation * Signature * Date * Title * Name * Notary will examine your supporting documents and make copies of the originals and notarize the copy page * A Notary is usually your best and quickest option but If you cant find a Notary to complete it then some other options are:
* Attorney * Accountant * Bank Representative * Post Office or Library Representative

3. Bank Direct Deposit Form ==== * OVERVIEW: This form is to properly ensure your paycheck is directly deposited into your bank account. All Ishido's must use direct deposit; Lifebushido will not issue any paper checks at all. If you do not have a bank account, Paychex offers pre-loaded Visa cards that you can order. There is a 1 time $50 administration fee for this that is deducted from payroll. This is a card that you will keep and is loaded each paycheck for you. For more information regarding the pre-loaded Visa cards email This form must be filled out prior to the first payroll of the system being ran in order to ensure proper and timely direct deposit. * You will need to print out and complete the form below. Black Ink Only!! *
* The following fields are necessary: * Company name: Lifebushido * Employee/Worker Name * Type of Account * Name of Bank * Bank Routing Number * Bank Account Number * Check 'Remainder of Net Pay' * Signature * Date * The following fields can be left blank: * Client Number * Employer Signature & Date * Bank Routing Number - This can be found on the bottom left-hand side of your checks, in front of your account number. If you do not have paper checks, please contact your financial institution for the routing number. * * Attach a voided check
OR Pre-Printed Deposit Slip.
PayCard Option: if someone does not have a bank account or chooses not to have their paycheck auto deposited - Lifebushido does not provide printed checks - we instead offer the Pay Card Option. This is a card that is issued to an employee from Paychex directly and is loaded each pay period with your paycheck. It can be used just like any other debit card, but note that it is subject to different fee's than a bank account. * If you want to enroll for the Pay Card option then download and print off Page 5 of the brochure below. Fill out Page 5 completely, scan and email the form to: *

4. Employment Agreement ==== * OVERVIEW: This Employment Agreement is not a contract - it must be noted that most states are “At-Will” employment states - this means that either the employee or the employer can legally terminate employment for any reason at any time. This agreement sets forth the expectations of the company and employee. * If you have any questions or issues with any aspect, contact Steve with specifics. * Read over the agreement and sign with black ink. *
* The following fields are mandatory: * Name * Address * Phone number * Email address * Hourly Wage (your current hourly wage) * Signature * Date ==== ==== ====== ====== —- ====== Payroll Access - PayChex Account ====== Once you have received your first payroll from Lifebushido you are able to register and create a Paychex Flex account that will allow you to access your paystubs anytime you like! Step by Step instructions are below, with a PDF guide as well for easy reference.

- Go to - Click 'Sign-up' - Complete the
Personal Information - Click 'Continue' - Select 4 different security questions, along with the answers for security verification. - Enter the Account Information requested - Click 'Continue' - Once registration is complete, you will automatically be logged into the application; it is a good idea to log out, go back to the original web address and test your login information.

PDF Instructions on how to register your account and access your payroll information is below

—- ====
W2 - Wage and Tax Statement ====
Steve will mail W2s out to all Ishidos that worked the previous year. They will be mailed by the January 31st deadline.

You may also go into your Paychex account to view or print your W2 yourself.

1. Sign into your PayChex Account
2. On your dashboard you will see an area for Tax Documents
3. Choose the one you want to view or print. These are PDFs by year.

If you have questions, please email - this email address goes only to Steve. Steve will either respond to your question - or he will ask an Ishido with specialized knowledge to respond to your question appropriately.

—- ==== FAQ'S ====
1. W-4 Questions ==== Can I change my W-4 exemptions and if so - what is the deadline?
You may change your W-4 exemptions and if there is a change in dynamics (i.e. marriage, birth of a child, etc) it is encouraged that you review your exemptions. You can print off a new W-4 and we ask that you have the forms sent to no later than the 20th of the month prior to payroll. This ensures enough time for us to process your form prior to the next payroll run.

The W-4 exemptions page is very confusing, I don't know how many allowances to claim.
There are so many credits and deductions that individuals can take that it can be very confusing. What is good for one person is not good for another, as individuals needs and dynamics are different. If you need help deciding on how many allowances to claim on your W-4 form here is an easy calculator to use:

2. I-9 Questions ==== Why do I have to have the I-9 supporting documents notarized?
Per Government law, the supporting documents are reviewed by a representative of the company to guarantee their authenticity and employment eligibility. Since we are a remote workforce, it is physically impossible for us to verify the original documents - therefore we must have a notary public attest to the fact that they have personally verified the original documents. This is why we ask that you have a notary make copies of your documents, notarize the copy page and witness your signature on the I-9 form. The notary is acting as a representative of the company to verify the requested documents.

3. Bank Deposit Questions ==== How do I change my bank direct deposit information?
You may change your Direct Deposit information by printing off a new form and filling in the new information. Please mail your information into Lifebushido no later than the
20th of the month to ensure proper processing time prior to the next payroll run.

4. Employment Agreement Questions ==== Why do I have to sign the Employment Agreement?
This Employment Agreement is not a contract - it must be noted that most states are “At-Will” employment states - this means that either the employee or the employer can legally terminate employment for any reason at any time. This agreement sets forth the expectations of the company and employee. We ask all employee's to sign the Employment Agreement, which simply is a review of the terms and conditions that Lifebushido is agreeing to hire you under and you are agreeing to work under. This sets up the expectation of both the employee and the employer in a proper manner.

5. Paycheck Questions ==== Why is there no Federal Withholding amount taken out of my paycheck?**
The amount of Federal withholding taken out of your paycheck is determined by looking at your monthly pay amount and annualizing it over 12 months. The W4 form is then taken into consideration. The calculation of the income tax withholding is based on the variables you entered on your W4; single vs. married and the number of exemptions.
The more exemptions you have, the less tax will be taken out.

If you feel the amount of Federal tax being taken out is inadequate you can update your W4 form to take out an additional dollar amount of your choosing. Just remember any changed forms must be submitted to by the 20th of the month in order to be applied to the next pay period.


Below is a PDF sample of ALL the forms that were printed and filled out. Our hypothetical Ishido is named Mary Smith, who is single with 1 child, living in Boulder, CO.

Should you have any questions or problems with this process, please contact Tracey Bujaki for help.

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