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#Payroll - Policy for with Payroll in start of subject. The email goes to Steve.
Version: 3/13/18 TB

Important: Any goal action entry details for a client are provided to the client. Only put notes/details in a goal action which are okay for a client to read.

1. Receive Payroll Audit Email from Accounting
2. Open/Print Report
3. Look over report and make sure that the Client Billed, Amount of hours and Work Types are correct

  • Your Mentor will be copied and look over this also.

4. Goal Actions should be entered based on the Policy and Work Types below.
5. Make any error corrections or Adjustments needed. (see instructions below)
6. Reply all to Audit email and say it is correct or what adjustments/edits have been made

**Payroll Pages**

**Policy for Ishidos**


  • Accurate, timely, and proper entry of time-billing entries in Goal Actions is critical to success of Lifebushido and success as an Ishido
  • Every entry you make is visible to clients, managers, accounting, and in the long run, all Ishidos
  • The integrity of your time-billing entries is very important

**Client Work Hour Reports**

  • All clients receive monthly work hour reports showing detailed billing for prior months work.
  • Clients are encouraged to review the reports and identify any questions.
  • Everyone has a self-interest for accurate time-billing by everyone else.
  • Clients want to make sure that the work being performed and billed is fair, accurate, and productive.
  • Key Assistants want to make sure that the work performed for their clients is fair, accurate, and productive.
  • Team Leaders want to make sure that the work performed by Ishidos on their team is fair, accurate, and productive.
  • Accounting wants to make sure that the work performed by Ishidos is fair, accurate, and productive.
  • Lifebushido wants to provide the most hours of work to the most clients possible with the most productive Ishidos for a win-win-win business relationship between Lifebushido, Ishidos, and Clients.


  • The most productive Ishidos will get the most work and move faster into the areas they enjoy most.
  • Ishidos who are not productive are gradually phased out of Teams and Lifebushido.

**Errors - Honesty and Fairness - Credit Adjustments**

  • If you ever have a question/concern about time-billing by any other Ishido, you should raise the issue immediately with Steve
  • If you discover you made a mistake on goal actions and were overpaid/underpaid on an item, contact Payroll for guidance at
  • After the correction is made, the Ishido should forward the goal action email they received to as Priority. They should NOT email direct from goal actions, it will not work properly.

**Payroll Method**

  • Payment is through W2 made via PayChex.
  • Payroll is due by the 2nd of the month and will be processed by the 5th of the month.
  • Any updates must be completed and mailed to Lifebushido no later than the 20th of the month to ensure payroll processing.

**Tracking Your Time**

  • You are responsible for tracking and entering your time on your own time. Tracking time and entering goal actions is not billable work.
  • The following table will help with converting minutes worked into time calculations for posting with Lifebushido.

**Payroll Processing**

  • Payroll is run and paid monthly.
  • At end of month, you must have all work performed entered as completed by the end of the 2nd of the month by midnight EST.
  • If you do not have all completed work entered and with status of Completed by 2nd of month by midnight EST, the work will not be processed by payroll and Lifebushido reserves the right not to pay for that work based on missed deadline of work submitted.
  • Payroll is processed for the prior month of work between the 3rd and 5th of the month. During this process, Completed entries are reviewed and then Approved and then Paid.
  • Payroll is processed and payments made via Paychex by 5th of the month.
  • Any Goal Actions not paid due to Ishido error may be revised and payment will be made during the next payroll cycle. No payroll payments will be made between payroll periods unless the error was Steve's and he approves it.

**Accepting Work Tasks**

  • Never accept a work task without a stated time hour budget in writing via email. It must be authorized by Steve, Team Leader, or Key Assistant.
  • If you do work without a time budget and it takes you 10 hours and it was supposed to take you 2 hours, you will be paid for 2 hours unless you can provide previous email authorizing the work at 10 hours.

Entering Goal Actions for Work Performed

  • Work should be entered daily after completion.
  • In many cases, you will have a record for a type of work for a client during the month, you may add more details/hours to the entry daily or weekly and then change to Completed at end of the month.
  • All work performed MUST be entered by Monday at Noon for the previous week. The work week runs Monday - Sunday.
  • Work should NEVER be entered once a month.

**Types of Work and Timing and Number of Entries**

  • The following are examples and when they should be entered. Consolidate small entries. Do not make 7 entries for a week of little work done for one client. Consolidate that in one entry for the week.
  • Daily
  • All one-time tasks and projects such as processing a listing, or doing research, should be entered Daily when completed
  • Weekly
  • Calling for a client should have one weekly entry with counts by day
  • Key Assistant management should be one entry weekly per client with details on work performed
  • Monthly

**Fields for Entry and Details**

  • Person: This is you, the person who did the work. If you accidentally add a record under a different person's name, you will not be able to edit it and you should inform Payroll ASAP to search for it to delete it.
  • Business: All goal actions are REB for Real Estate Business. Use Lifebushido as Business for internal accounting or recruiting tasks and other tasks. If unsure, email
  • Status is: Pending - during the work week. Completed - When that weeks work is done. This MUST show Completed to get paid
  • Client: Enter client code. If you do not see the Client code you are looking for, email Payroll. It means that the Client code is not added yet or that the Client is no longer active and there should be no work being done for that Client.
  • Lifebushido as a client code is only used rarely with prior approval from your Team Leader or Steve
  • Manager: Your Manager is the Manager for that work. If you are KA, your Manager is the KA TL. If you are a TL, your Manager is the Team Management TL. If you are doing work specific to a Team, your Manager is the TL, such as Database work or Listing work. If unsure, ask. The Manager field must be completed with a proper Manager and never yourself. Audit checks are reviewed and Managers review all entries in addition to Accounting.
  • Description field - Enter a Short description of the type of work - for example “Buyer Lead Calling” or “ Weekly KA Call”
  • This is very short field. There is no need to have any of the following information in Description field, since it is already in other fields: Ishido/Person, Client, Dates, duplication of Work Type. Description field should not have name of client – this is stored in Client field.
  • Details: This is the details for the work performed. Enter the Date worked, the number of hours and work completed
  • Example for Calling work
  • 2/8/17 - 1 hr - 15 dials - 3 live - 3 Buyer C
  • 2/9/17 - 1 hr - 18 dials - 2 live - 1 Buyer C, 1 Buyer A
  • Date started: Date work was started.
  • Hours worked: The number of hours worked.
  • Date Completed: This is required and must be entered when you change an entry to Completed. The date completed should be entered once you change Goal Action to Completed. The date should be within the payroll dates for the month. For example, if you are entering September payroll information on 10/2/2008, enter date completed as 9/30/2008.
  • Quantity: For items which involve a quantity, like data entry, emailing leads, making calls, and other items – you must enter Quantity field so we can compare productivity of number per hour. If you fail to enter Quantity field, the Goal Action will be changed from Completed to Accepted for you to update and you will have to wait one month for payment on the work performed.
  • Calling: Number of dials made
  • Data Entry: Number of people added or updated
  • Editing: Number of pages edited
  • Mailings: Number of mail pieces processed/mailed
  • Etc.
  • Project: This field is optional and rarely used or needed. There is no need to use Project Code unless asked by your Manager or you want to use to track time spent on certain work.

**Goal Action Status**

  • Sample: This is a Sample Goal Action record created and maintained by Team Leaders for an example of a proper Goal Action entry for a specific Work Type for the Team. These are periodically updated and will be used to standardize goal actions.
  • Pending: Work has been assigned to you by another Ishido. You can either accept or decline the work.
  • Declined: You decline that goal action assigned to you based on lack of interest, or not able to meet deadline, or do not have skills needed. Be sure to inform the Ishido who delegated to you so they can reassign. All Declined records are reviewed monthly by Payroll and deleted from system.
  • Delete: To avoid accidental deletions of records by Ishido, Manager, or Accounting, there is no Delete feature for Goal Actions. You can change Status to Delete and make sure Hours is 0. These records are reviewed and deleted in monthly payroll process. So, if you enter a record incorrectly you can just reuse that record for something else or change to Delete and Hours 0.
  • Accepted: You accepted work, either by entering a Goal Action yourself as Accepted or changing one from Pending to Accepted.
  • Completed: You completed work and all needed fields and submitted it to your Manager for review.
  • Approved: Your Manager reviewed the work and goal action entered and has Approved for Payroll. This is currently done once a month and will shift to be done once a week in future. If the work is not Approved, the Manager will change status to Accepted and make notes in Comments, with their name, of what needs to be resolved or clarified or fixed.
  • Paid: Payroll processes all Approved goal actions and changes them to Paid when Payroll is processed monthly. The hours paid is based upon all goal actions for an Ishido which are Approved within the month based on Date Completed.

**Summary of Key Points**

  • This is a summary of some key points to make sure you note
  • Complete Date Completed field when you change to Completed
  • Consolidate multiple small individual entries into single entries by week or month for a client to avoid having too many individual goal actions which is harder for client to review and understand.

**Payroll Corrections**

Previous Work to Adjust and Allocate Properly to Client Codes

This is for Ishidos, primarily Team Leaders, who billed work hours to Lifebushido when the work was client billable and needs to be adjusted to be billed to client codes. Do the following to correct entries from most recent month or as requested by Payroll:

  • Change any current work entered for current month which is Completed back to Accepted temporarily so you can report and confirm that adjustments are done properly.
  • Run report: Goal Actions - Ask Person - Non-Client Completed/Paid by Work Type and Time Period
  • Choose yourself and date range for prior month, e.g. 3/1/2009 to 3/31/2009.
  • This report pulls all Completed or Paid records.
  • Backout Non-Client hours by entering a credit adjustment (see top of Payroll Policy) of negative hours with Work Type of Credit Adjustment, Completed, and Date of last day of month being adjusted, such as 3/31/2009.
  • Enter separate Goal Actions, dated 3/31/2009, Completed, for specific client codes.
  • This report is checking the adjustments you made of positive and negative for time period which are now Completed.
  • The total at bottom should be 0 if you did adjustments are correctly.
  • Print this report to PDF as FRSTNAME LASTNAME - Credit Adjustments - Payroll MON YEAR and email to Payroll
  • Payroll will review within a few days and confirm okay and then do next step of changing those entries to Paid which will have 0 pay impact because total hours are 0.

**Payroll Details in Goal Action**

If you are entering goal actions on weekly you need to provide details in description on a day by day level with hour totals for the day.

The following is NOT ACCEPTABLE:
New listings
Price changes
KA calls and emails
Weekly agendas
Phone scripts
Seller and buyer calls

The following IS ACCEPTABLE:
Bandy Leads
5-Dec 0.5 training
6-Dec 0.25 training
8-Dec 1.25 training
9-Dec .5 training
Phone call with Melissa and Jen Bain re: clients 0.75
Update wiki for Bob B., Melissa G. 0.75
Update Bob's blogging plan and Leads doc 1

Prepare 3 blog entries(3 @ .5 each = 1.5) ; posted 3x weekly on 4 sites each time (4 sites x .185 each x 3 = 2.25) ; prepared summary report (.5); worked on profile for Active Rain (.5). Also posted 12/8/08 (4 sites x .185 each = .75)

Calling Buyer Leads
Date Hours Dials Live
12/3/2008 2 24 8
12/4/2008 1 14 3
12/5/2008 1 22 4
12/9/2008 0.75 11 3
12/10/2008 2.5 45 5
12/11/2008 1.5 26 6
12/16/2008 1 16 5
12/17/2008 1.75 22 3
12/20/2008 1.25 15 4
12/21/2008 2.75 37 4
12/22/2008 1 16 2
12/23/2008 0.75 12 1
12/27/2008 1.75 27 2
12/29/2008 2 22 4
12/30/2008 2.25 29 6

12-5-08 1 hour- updated all links on weekly Featured Listing e-mail & sent.
12-10-08 very brief weekly call with James
12-11-08 .25 hours- sent web leads & bad e-mails to Maureen to process, updated weekly Featured Listing e-mail & scheduled to send tomorrow morning.
12-16-08 .75 hours- Updated & sent 7 seller reports.
12-17-08 .25 hours- weekly call with James & sending web leads to Maureen.
12-18-08 .25 hours- Created Today's Featured Listing e-blast in CC & sent, sent web leads to Maureen.
12-23-08 1 hour- Logged into Craigslist & started re-posting listings, got 10 done.
12-24-08 .25 hours- weekly call with James, sending web leads to Maureen, reviewing e-mail.
12-27-08 .5 hours- reposted 5 more listings on Craigslist & sent leads to Maureen.
12-29-08 3.75 hours- Reviewed e-mails from Lead Management Team, sent web leads to Maureen, created Featured Listing e-mail in CC & sent, logged into Craigslist & finished reposting listings and creating new listings (13 done in all today), removed mention of Home Design on drip e-mails, sent James status update e-mail. Updated weekly agenda on the wiki.
12-30-08 .75 hours- sent unsubscribes to Maureen to process, checked e-mail, updated 7 seller reports & created one new one & sent all 8 from TP.
1-1-09 .75 hours- Sent web leads to Maureen, responded to e-mails, updated weekly Featured Listing e-mail & scheduled to send for tomorrow.
1-5-09 .5 hours- Checked e-mail & replied, set up Today's Featured Listing e-mails for today & tomorrow & scheduled to send from CC.

12/6 Leads question 13 min
12/7 email from Tannu with list of contacts that have no category 2 min
12/9 email correspondence 8 min
12/15 Work on various aspects of Ray's assignments. 15 min
12/16 agenda items 45 min
12/17 checklists for TP compliled and sent in email, letters 19 min
12/18 Client contact type updating…buyer–new lead–email only 1 hour 9 min
12/19 Work on Ray's Letters for mailings 1 hour 56 min
12/22 Send email samples of list attachments to Gaylene 8 min
12/23 Listings Doc & Bay Rd listing 1 hour 23 min
12/24 Continue listings doc and Bay Rd listing 2 hours
12/27 Try to resolve problems with Number1Expert logins, emails concerning. 15 min
1/2 Listing plan 1st draft finish. 30 min

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