Payroll - Steve Brainstorming

Payroll - Steve Brainstorming

This page is for Steve brainstorming on payroll and client work hour issues. Brainstorming goes from here to policy pages.
Version: 10/9/12


  • Define billing philosophy for Lifebushido
  • Clarify policy for Ishidos
  • Identify pending action items

Priority - Billing Hours - Reduce non-client billable hours - 5/11/15
This is going to Ishidos who need to reduce non-client billable hours and/or I have questions.

We have too many hours being billed to Lifebushido, REB, and Systems overall in company as ratio to client billable hours to a client code. We are doing overall review and we need to increase client billable (client codes) and reduce non-client billable work. This is important overall for company financial health.

In most cases, I am not trying to reduce your total hours, just have you do more client billable work and less non-client billable.

If you are doing work specific to a client, please bill it to that client code, not to Systems.

Your Role
These are my notes on your recent work hours with changes requested and/or questions.
Please clarify in rough terms what activity/work is being done in those hours and what you think can be reduced or should be billed to a client code. I may have further ideas or decide to reduce certain types of hours.

Thank you!

Keep in touch,

Priority - Bill to Client Codes more - not to Systems - 5/13/15
Here is shift that is needed for you and ATL/Mentors under you to get our billing back in balance.
This is based on recent discussions and I hope it makes sense.

  • Focus on client billable work to a Client Code. If you got work to do, focus on client billable work first please.
  • If the work you are doing is specific to client, be sure to bill to the Client Code and not to Systems.
  • Too much was going to Systems without allocation to Client Code and we were out of balance.
  • This is for stuff which is 15-30 minutes or more. The small ad-hoc few minute things can be under Systems still.
  • It is okay to bunch together to make one entry per week or month for a Client Code to reflect work you did.
  • Minimize non-client billable work as possible in favor of client billable work. I trust your judgement of what is possible or not. We want to continue to mentor/train new Ishidos to bring them up to speed.
  • Your total hours billed may not change that much but the allocation should be changing much more to Client Codes as possible.

This is based on recent review and discussions.
Please adjust ASAP and as possible adjust some of your billing from May 1st forward to reflect.

Thank you!
Keep in touch,

Lifebushido Payroll and Client Billing Policy - 10/9/12
This is a statement of overall policy and direction of present and future plans in coming months:

  • Lifebushido tracks all time-billing for payroll and work performed for clients in a database called Goal Actions
  • Goal Actions refers to our desire that all work performed are actions towards a goal for a client
  • In September 2012, about 125 Ishidos were on payroll with over 4,000 Goal Action entries.
  • Lifebushido is the biggest client of Lifebushido. We practice what we preach. Lifebushido internal work for marketing, sales, accounting, research, and other internal work is about 10% of overall work hours for Lifebushido.
  • Lifebushido goal actions and work performed by Ishidos is open and visible to all Ishidos.
  • Payroll policy and audits seeks to get billing consistent and clear for clients, track productivity and results of Ishidos to give more work to the most productive Ishidos, identify any billing errors or billing integrity issues of false billing, and improve budgeting and work hour estimates for clients.

Payroll Rules for Ishidos - 10/9/12
These items are both old and new payroll policy. Please review and if you have questions email to which goes to Steve only.

  • Payroll Entry and Deadlines
  • Goal Actions should be entered weekly at a minimum. Very few Goal Actions are done as single item monthly.
  • Quantity: You must enter a quantity field for work performed which relates to quantity such as Work Type - Quantity to Measure. Examples include Blogging - Blogs Written, Calling - Total Dials, Listings - Number Completed New or Number Audited or Number Price Changes, Lead Mgt - Leads Added or Updated in DB, and so on.
  • Status: You should not have anything added as Approved or Paid. Those will not be processed. Only entries marked as Completed are reviewed and processed for payroll and are moved by payroll process from Completed to Approved to Paid. You should review and cleanup any old entries with other Status such as Future or Pending, etc. Mark Status as Delete if it is not needed and can be deleted. Payroll deletes all records marked as Delete on monthly basis.
  • Date Completed:
  • You cannot enter a Date Completed older than one month. All work should be current. Work must be entered each month and if work is entered late for a prior month, it may not be processed and paid.
  • Do not enter Date Completed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of month. If you are entering your final Goal Actions on the first few days of the month, please mark Date Completed as last day of prior month. For example, if you enter something on 10/2/12, mark Date Completed as 9/30/12. The reason is that payroll manually changes any entries like that back to the last day of month.
  • You cannot enter a Date Completed for the future. Do not do this.
  • Description notes: These should not be very very long. Should not be more than 100 words. If you think you have entries too long, send an example to Payroll Email and ask for advice.

Payroll Kaizen - Gretchen and Accounting - 10/9/12
Gretchen is responsible for helping Ishidos with following, usually forwarded by Steve. If Gretchen gets an email without it being copied to Steve, she should reply and CC Steve and say she will take action.

  • All Work Types must have a Sample record in Goal Actions which has been done by relevant TL and reviewed by Gretchen and Steve.
  • Payroll audit - get 3 Global Ishidos who are interested in doing Payroll Audits
  • Payroll petty cash: Maintain account and report quarterly balance to be used for $1.00 pay tests to Ishidos who have PayPal issues or small payments pending for Ishidos who had PayPal bounce for first payroll payments. Document account codes used and to reconcile.
  • Client codes: Email Steve monthly a separate email called Payroll - Client Codes to Remove which has list of client codes to remove from Goal Actions.
  • Policy Details
  • Emails - count and measure
  • Mgt time tracking of client list and spreadsheet of who and what

Payroll Kaizen - Steve - 10/9/12

  • Lifebushido hours - review and reduce
  • Client credits - review and add and report for Acct
  • Status - review and cleanup and Approved
  • Lance S - 20 hours?
  • PayPal payroll report - missing or not valid - Last Name Sum1
  • New Hire Wendy Report
  • Ishido DB update directly by Wendy and TL
  • Growth comp from roles and hours on team as TL
  • Payroll question of month - survey question
  • Managers field and audit of that
  • Client codes and remove
  • Audit field for Status
  • Fix codes and review - Audit Steve High
  • Maureen John Q, Amber M overall.
  • Calling and missing quantity or results - cross check with Daily Log

Payroll - Global - 10/9/12

  • Cycle -
  • Monthly: Payroll report and review, Email to Global Ishidos, Email to Wendy and TL, Identify More and Less
  • Weekly:
  • ATL roles - clarify.
  • Recruit: Referral - bonus for referrals, Callers, Post Ads, Mentors, Triangles
  • Referral: 10 hours bonus for Global who hits 100 hours and becomes an Ishido.
  • Global Shift - 5% per month until 50/50
  • USA Ishidos: Top 10 for Shift
  • Database Mgt: Get current, do more, sync with Lead Mgt, clean Client DB and Sched DB, Listing/Closing
  • Lead Mgt: All but calling, more systems, get more leads, send daily emails for more leads
  • Listing Mgt: High and regular volume, special processing
  • Closing Mgt: Tracking and complete all
  • Accounting - Systems: Audit and more
  • Talent - Global recruit - Review and Systems
  • KA to Client Management Day 1-100
  • TL to ATL
  • Calling - Recruit Bonus and Voice Tests for Market Research
  • Marketing - LB marketing, regular processing, BOS, other?
  • Review to Delegate: Shaveta, Tannu, Graziella
  • Specifics:
  • Sebrian Loretta listings, Leads - delores, maureen, Kelly H
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