Payroll - Updates from Payroll Team

Payroll - Updates from Payroll Team

This is running updates via monthly payroll.
Version: 11/3/10 by Steve

Payroll Update 11/3/10

  • Lifebushido has grown to 60+ clients and 90+ Ishidos on payroll last month.
  • Accurate tracking and reporting of Goal Actions for work hours completed is critical for all aspects of company.
  • Lifebushido terminated three Ishidos last month for fraud/over-billing on Goal Actions work hours.
  • Accounting Team is being increased to handle overall growth of company.
  • Accuracy
  • Goal Actions that you enter appear directly on reports to clients which client reads.
  • If client, Manager, or any other Ishido has a question about a goal action, the question will come back to you to clarify/explain your time and entry.
  • It is critical that the only people working with Lifebushido are submitting their invoices for work performed via Goal Actions based on honesty and integrity.
  • If anyone has concerns on any level about the integrity of Goal Actions by an Ishido, this should be brought to attention of Steve immediately and confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Self-Audit
  • You are responsible to review your Goal Actions entered weekly and full review at end of month on 1st/2nd before payroll is closed for month.
  • You are responsible for reviewing your payroll monthly payment to confirm it is correct amount. If you accidentally receive an overpayment, you should inform within 3 days.
  • Audit Period
  • Lifebushido reserves the right to review/audit payroll records for previous 3 months in detail.
  • Thus, on 12/15/10, we may have detailed audit of 9/1/10 to 11/30/10.
  • Productivity
  • If we have 4 people doing the same type of work and one person is far less productive than the other 3, we will reduce/eliminate the work hours from the person who is least productive.
  • Quantity
  • Many Work Types require a Quantity field to be completed.
  • We have released a new Work Type table to help provide guidance
  • Starting November payroll, goal actions that require Quantity field will not be approved and paid unless Quantity field is completed properly.

Payroll Update 5/5/10

  • We are doing more kaizen of Payroll, Goal Actions and related systems in recent and future months. Expect new features each month.
  • Productivity of Ishidos leads to some Ishidos being phase down/out in terms of hours each month and some Ishidos offered more hours. Managers, Team Leaders, and Accounting all review work hours to identify Ishidos who are less or more productive. This leads to giving more work to the people who do the best work.
  • No Ishido should be more than 100 hours per month unless approved by Steve. If you were over 100 for payroll, email Steve and discuss ASAP.
  • Lifebushido prefers to help three Ishidos and give them each 50 hours a month than one Ishido to get 150 hours. We believe that is a social benefit for more people.
  • Non-client billable work, for client codes Lifebushido and REB, should be kept minimal and put into Schedule DB based on agreements with Steve. If you had non-client-billable work of more than 10 hours in month, email Steve rough estimates of type and hours to have Steve confirm that is okay and define budget going forward or clarify how it should be billed.
  • Team Leaders should be allocating management time across client codes, not to Lifebushido and REB. Ask Steve if unclear.
  • Date Completed field has a new rule to be Required if when you change Status to Completed.
  • Do not enter Date Completed for past months. Do not enter Date Completed with dates past last day of month. For work done/entered on 1st and 2nd of month, enter it as last day of prior month so we do not have to make those changes when billing. Or, wait until after payroll processes to enter work done in first few days of month.
  • If you use Add Similar feature to copy entries to be used in future month, have them say Pending or Accepted but do not have them say Completed or they will cause confusion when we process Completed entries for payroll.
  • Document field is not used or needed. You do not need to upload document attachments anymore.
  • Payroll policy is clear: Payroll is processed and payments made via PayPal by 5th of the month. We received 3-4 emails and someone mentioned that they had inquiries from over 10 Ishidos about payroll status. Since starting in early 2006, Lifebushido has a record we can document of payroll paid on time for over three years running. If we ever have problems, the company will do everything possible to inform Ishidos as soon as possible and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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