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The purpose of this page is to create the formal policy that has been informal until this date regarding monthly work hour maximums, the how's and why's. Should you have any questions regarding this please feel free to email

Steve's philosophy is that he would rather have 3 ishidos working 15 hours per week than 1 ishido working full time per week. The logic is that you can get more quality work out of 3 ishidos working and not getting burned out than having one person focusing on all aspects of a project/task. With that said, NO ishido may have more than 100 hours per month. The Key is delegation. The objective is to bill for time worked and if you can't get things done and stay within the 25/week or 100/ month then you need to address with your TL immediately. If your TL can't offer help, ask Steve asap.

What to do if you are billing more than 100 hours per month:

  • Delegate - TLs tend to run into this more than behind the scenes ishidos - figure out what you can get off your plate, and delegate
  • Compose a list of items you wish to move off your plate and send to your TL and cc Steve
  • We cc Steve so he can offer input your TL may not think of and help move things forward
  • Self Manage your hours - once you near 25 hours per week, you should make sure you aren't going to go over 100 per month. Some weeks may be slower, some busier, so plan accordingly
  • Do not sit around and wait for 2 months to ask for help - ask immiedately so we can help shift items and keep you at 100 hours
  • There are no exceptions to this role - so ask for help asap if you are going to go over.
  • Have ATLs you trust and can hand items to if needed
  • TLs should delegate lower importance work to help keep at the 100 per month guildeline
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