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Version 2/12/18
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This page is for policy of any work which is non-client billable. The vast majority of Lifebushido work is billed to a specific client for revenue. The only non-client billable work approved is the following.


  • Define payroll terms clearly for all Ishidos
  • Budget and stick to budget for non-client revenue work each month
  • Constantly Increase consistency and transparency of work hours for Ishidos and Clients


  • A Client is a paying client of Lifebushido. This is how we earn revenue and run the business.
  • Non-client revenue work is internal work Lifebushido work

Approved Lifebushido Billing for Ishidos

Ishidos will no longer bill to systems effective immediately all billing outside of billing a client will be billed to Lifebushido - use the following work types for Internal Lifebushido work performed

  • Ishido Learning
    • Listening on a KO call or KA call or team call with a client - mentor will bill client and mentee will bill LB
    • Weekly Mentee calls - calls limited to 30 minutes
    • Internal emails with mentor - non client specific
      • Bill 1 minute per email
  • Ishido - LB Internal
    • Ishido Ratings - 10 / 15 minutes
    • Ishido Database Updates - 5 minutes
    • Entering Goal Actions
      • Billing estimates for Goal Actions
      • 25 hours a week - average of 6 minutes a day - 30 minutes a week
      • 20 hours a week - average of 5 minutes a day - 25 minutes a week
      • 15 hours a week - average of 4 minutes a day - 20 minutes a week
      • 10 hours a week - average of 3 minutes a day - 15 minutes a week
      • 5 hours a week - average of 2 minute a day - 10 minutes a week
    • Internal Team / Lifebushido emails
      • Bill 1 minute per email received
    • Team Calls - calls should be limited to 30 minutes
    • Driver calls with Steve - normally around 10 minutes
    • Schedule DB updates - 10 minutes


  • If and Ishido has a question about whether work should be client or non-client work email your Team leader or Mentor as Priority
  • If a TL or Mentor has a question about whether work should be client revenue or non-client revenue they should email specifics to Steve as Priority.

Team Leader Management of Client Work

  • Our clients pay us to recruit, hire, fire, manage, document, and implement systems.
  • Management is key aspect of work we do and is likely about 10% of overall hours

Schedule DB - Schedule Team Management

  • All work is tracked in Schedule DB
  • TL stores in Team DB - Team Leader Goals field the current ongoing Team tasks.
  • Lifebushido Goals in Team DB are Steve/Team Management TL ongoing direction and focus for TL
  • If a TL wants to allocate some of the overall hours to another Ishido, they should adjust their entry and add another entry for the Ishido.

Examples and FAQs

  • This section will have examples and FAQs as they arise to document situations
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