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QuickBase is Lifebushido's General Database System and is Lifebushido main software program that manages our recruiting and staff databases. This page is designed to help Recruits understand how to register with QuickBase, create a Recruit Record and upload resume and job application.

Registration Start up Steps

  • Make sure you have time to complete the entire process below at one time.
  • If you do not have a copy of your resume and have not completed your job application STOP here and complete these items before going forwards as you will need both of these documents to complete
  • Once you save your QuickBase record, you will not be able to view, access or update your record until you are hired.
  • Once you are hired, your record is referred to as your Ishido Record and you will be granted a higher level of access. With this access comes the ability to view, access and update your record.
  • DO NOT add a second record. This not only causes confusion but may make it difficult for you to access your record when hired.

Create a FREE Account

*Go to https://login.quickbase.com/db/main?a=reg&what
Lifebushido has paid for this database account your account is free and at no cost to you. Do not create an account using a free 30 day trial link.

  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter Last Name
  • Enter Email address
  • Make sure this is an email address that you have access
  • See our Email Address Standards for formatting your email to ensure that you are registering with a correct email format
  • Create a password
  • Set up a security question in case you forget your password
  • Check the box that you accept the QuickBase terms of service
  • Select register
  • You will receive a notification that an email has been sent to your email address and you will need to click on the link in the email to register your account
  • Access your email
  • Open email from QuickBase and select the click here to register
  • It will ask for the password that you created
  • Select Verify
  • You will be directed to the main QuickBase page - Hello and Welcome to QuickBase
  • Adding Your First Public Lifebushido App
  • Select Adv Search - blue link right above the Hello and Welcome to QuickBase message on the main page
  • Click the box next to include ALL public applications in search
  • Type in the search bar - People Working with Lifebushido
  • You will see the application in the search section below - click on the blue link labeled People Working with Lifebushido
  • Click on + New Person Green button in the upper right hand corner of your screen to apply
  • Update as many fields as you are able to complete
  • The ? mark on the right of the field is a help button hover your mouse over the button for additional instructions.
  • Some fields will only be applicable to you after you have been hired or are working with Lifebushido
  • Required fields are notated with a red asterisk
  • NOTE the job application and resume fields are not noted with a red asterisk but must be uploaded into your record if you want to be considered for a position with Lifebushido.
  • Select Save and Close to finalize

YouTube QuickBase Tutorials:

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