This is the Steve page of pages Steve uses for his own management and information useful for Ishidos working with Steve.
Version: 3/29/16 by Steve

Main Pages - these pages may be useful for Ishidos to see what Steve is up to and how to work with Steve

  • Delegate - Steve - Info on who runs what when Steve is doing Focus Week or on leave

Newer Pages - 2016 Onwards

Other Pages - these pages may also be useful but not cleaned up fully

  • Questions and Answers - Steve - This is a list of questions from Ishidos or Recruits in July 2009 for Steve from a contest and his answers. - A
  • Steve Management - This is general management page for Steve to keep track of stuff - B/C

Other - Steve Planning Pages - these pages are more for Steve for planning

Team Management Pages - these are various Team Management pages which gradually will be consolidated

  • Ishidos - Talent

  • Systems
  • Steve Pending for Lead Management TL - This page is for Steve delegating to Lead Management TL - B
  • Leads TL Pending for Steve - C
  • People
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